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(Static. Cut to Hater and Wander.)
Hater: Lord Hater! Hated enemy! Gonna destroy him! Let's go before— (his glove phone starts ringing) Seriously?! This is a closed set! When I find out who's— (his glove phone rings again, Hater groans and picks up) Go for Hater!
Sylvia: (on phone) Hey, Hater! It's Sylvia. Is Wander there?
Wander: (gasps) Is that Sylvia?
Hater: Uh, yes, he's here, but…I'M ABOUT TO DESTROY HIM!!!
Sylvia: (on phone) Yeah, yeah, sure ya are. Anyway, I'm on my way over to slap around your Watchdogs, save my pal, and probably leave your ship a smoking hunk of space debris, but I'm gonna pick up lunch at Bloyd's first, so could you see if Wander wants anything?
Hater: NO, I—I TOTALLY —I'M THE GREATEST IN THE GALA— (sighs, to Wander) Ya want anything from Bloyd's?
Wander: Naw, I'm good.
Hater: (to Sylvia) He says he's good. Um…could ya maybe…pick me up some curly fries while you're there? Side of BBQ? Side of ranch?
Sylvia: (on phone) Yeah, I'm, uh…I'm not gonna do that. Well, see ya soon! (Hangs up.)
(Hater hangs up angrily and storms off the set. Static.)

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