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(Static. Cut to Hater on his ship at a podium.)
Hater: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you watching something? Too bad! I, Lord Hater, planetary conqueror and Number One Superstar, have taken over your airwaves to give you the privilege of witnessing my most impressive and evil deed unfold live! To prove, once and for all, that I am the Greatest in the Galaxy, I will destroy my most hated enemy, WANDER!!!
(On a big "X", Wander gets lowered from the ceiling.)
Wander: Wow! Are we on TV?! (waves wildly) Hello! Folks call me "Wander"! And this here's my pal, Lord Hater!
Hater: We're not pals! I've been trying to destroy you for, like, a year and a half!
Wander: (gasps) Is!
Hater: Yes! The whole entire universe will watch live as I finally destroy—
Wander: The whole universe! We gotta shout out to the world we're pals!
Hater: WE'RE NOT PALS!!!!

Hi, Sylvia!
Hey-ya, Prince Cashmere!
Howdy do, Westley!
Big hugs to ya, Bingleborps!
Hi, Beeza!

Forget it!!!
Cut! Cut! Cut!

(Hater runs to the camera, but trips over causing it to tilt.)
Hater: Stupid camera thing!
(The "X" that Wander is on gets raised back up.)
Wander: Bye, galaxy!

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