I'll call my new planet whatever I want! I'll call my new planet whatever I want!

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sylvia: [yells] Flab drassin' Dominator won't fold right grop darn map destroyin' the entire galaxy! Gaaaaa! [sigthe flower then droops and wanders eyes fill with tears again) hs] She can't be stopped. She's too powerful. There's no hope.    Uh, hello? She can't be stopped. Too powerful, no hope. ( she stops when she sees wander)   Oh, no! (  wander is upset. he has  has tears in his eyes. a teardrop is big  and looks like it will fall)

sylvoa: puts tear drop away) Put that thing back in there. I'm supposed to be the worried one. If you give up, then we really are saying nope to hope, and I just can't cope with that, so suck that back up, mister!( his eyes fill even more with tears)  Oh! Gotta find some hope, gotta find some hope. ( she sees a pretty yellow flower)  Ha. There.( she holds wander so he can see the plant)  See. If that flower can blossom amidst the chaos, then there really is hope. ( wanders tears dry up and he smiles. the plant droops and wanders happy smile turns into a sad face and his eyes fill with tears)   

sylvia:No, no, no, no! Dominator might destroy every planet from here to eternity, but she will not destroy this. We're gonna do everything we can to save this flower.  ( wander's tears dry up)

wander: Okay, before we begin, we need to deduce what species this flower belongs to. That will allow us to accurately pinpoint its specific needs while we conduct a full seismological study, and then we can go forward and find out what exactly the needs are to reproduce the flower.

sylvia: No need to overthink this. Plants need water.

wander: Stop! You can't just dump water on it willy-nilly. Too much and you risk drowning the root system. Too little and it won't get the nutrients it needs from the soil. -

sylvia: I'll be careful. -

Okay, that's too careful. What, are you crazy?! Just a little too much! Little more. Agh! More! A little less. Less more! ( a drop of water hit the plant causing it to tilt) 

( his eyes show water pouuring and his eyes fill with tears)

sylvia: Hey, you know what?  Plants also need sunlight.

wander:No sun.

sylvia: No problem. Let there be light!

( wanders eyes show water pouring and his eyes fill with water)

Plant food. Plants gotta eat, right?

Hey, yeah. I just happen to have a pint-size potluck perfect for our puckered plant. Oh, no. Plant food coma!

You know we're trying to save your stamen here, right? Music. I hear plants love the good vibrations of a positive ditty.

wander:( tears in his eyes)Guess it's worth a shot. ( he plays the banjo)When darkness comes a-creepin' And you're feelin' down Just accept your sadness And Oh, who cares?

sylvia: All right. I got this.( plays banjo badly)  Little planty, please know we are here to help you Oh, little planty, the whole of the galaxy Rests on you, but no pressure Doo-da-doo-doo doo  ( wander  cringes he's pulling the hat flap over his ears)That bad, huh?

wander:  No. I really appreciate the effort, Syl. And I don't mean to be so teary and dreary. I just have to accept that nothing in the world -can save little Planty. ( he plats the plant)

sylvia: [gasps] Nothing on this world. ( she gathers the plant with dirt. wander wipes his tears away) 

wander: This place is great! ( the sun comes up and the plant catches fire, cut to dofferent planet  where a big bee chases them cut to different planet where it rains then almost drowns them, cut to planet which is quicksand)


wander: Quicksand! Nature's devious trap. [screaming] A greenhouse. A controlled environment, a friendly caretaker. This is for the best.

[groans] Why is it so hard to find a place with a mild climate, slightly acidic soil, and absolutely no grop darn giant bees?! [sighs]

"Mild climate, slightly acidic soil, free of giant bees. " Gentle breezes out of the northeast.

That'd be the icing on the cake, but it's okay, Syl. I'll be fine. I just have to accept that Planty's a doomed bloom.( tears form in wanders eyes. cut to wanders point of veiw the tear level is low) An ephemeral perennial. ( when wander blinks now his eyes are half full with tears he sniffles)  A sprout that must drop out. ( he blinks and now the tears are almost all the wat to the top as he finnishes his eyes blink and his eyes are completely filled with water)   A plant who simply can't. [gasps] This place is perfect! We did it! We saved the flower! Maybe there's hope after all.

Aw, that's so sweet. [evil giggle]

Planet K-129CX is ready for domination.

Change of plans. Set destination coordinates for some soul-crushin' fun.

No, no, no. Is it a giant bee?

Just the biggest bee in the galaxy.

BOTH: Dominator!

wander:( has tears in his eyes he  sniffling and whining he then looks determine)  Dominator, you can destroy planets, you can destroy the galaxy..

sylvia: But as long as we're standing, you'll never destroy this flower.

Wow. I had no idea what hokey saps you were. Blah blah blah. "As long as I'm standing" I can't believe you actually said that out loud. For that, I'm taking you all down. [laughing] [laughing] [laughter continues] Give it.

Give it back!

You know, when you utterly demolish planet after planet, it's easy to lose sight of the little things that you are also demolishing in the process. A bird singing, this stupid flower. Any hope of your survival all crumbling within my cold, fiery grasp. You gotta love what you do, am I right? Oh, wow. Is this seriously really sad for both of you? Hold up. All right, enough fun. Say good-bye, Wander and the Zbornak. I wanna say Sybil. Ah, who cares? You're both doomed.  Ah-choo!

wander:  Gesundheit.


wander:  Gesundheit again.

[sneezing continues] Get them ah-choo!

Did not compute.

This choo isn't choo over choo! I'll get ah-choo! Raa-choo. [sneezing continues]

Sylvia: (laughing)  Dominator isn't unstoppable. She can be defeated. Sure, hay fever really isn't an effective long-term plan for thwarting a maniacal evil villain, but it's something. See, Wander, there's always hope.

wander:[crying] No. It's too late.

SYLVIA: Noooo! I can bring it back.

wander:  Sylvia.

I think I feel a pulse.

Sylvia. - I won't fail you, Wander.  No! ( she sees a tear fall and tries to catcjh it. cut to tear hoits the grownd. cut to sylvia who wipes her eyes)  

Sylvia, you tried your hardest to save this flower. And it decided to return the favor by saving us. It's not bad to be sad.

But I can't have you sad or everything's hopeless.

wander: Just because I'm sad doesn't mean I've given up hope.

You haven't?


Wander, I promise, we'll stop Dominator and we'll figure out a way to restore this galaxy.

Ya think?

I sure hope so.