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(Static. Cut to Hater approaching the podium.)
Hater: I, Lord Hater, planetary con—
(The image freezes.)
Hater: Wait, did the camera just freeze?
Wander: I dunno. But if ya let me down, I could—
(The image freezes.)
Hater: I wasn't asking you, Wander, I—
(The image freezes on Hater and Wander making stupid faces.)
Hater: (yelling) —upid dumb fa—
(The image freezes.)
Hater: (yelling) It's doing it a—
(The image freezes.)
(Hater is now in front of the camera wearing spectacles.)
Wander: Didja try jiggling i—
(The image freezes.)
Hater: —am jiggling it, and it's not— Oh! It's working, it's wor—
(The image freezes.)
(Wander is now next to Hater also wearing spectacles.)
Wander: Lemme take a look.
Hater: Okay, I could—Wait! (yelling) Get back on your rack! This is all your
(The image freezes.)
(Hater is now chasing Wander and the image freezes throughout the chase. Suddenly, Hater is on his podium sobbing. The image freezes. Hater is now rocking in fetal position.)
Wander: Hey! I think it's workin' again!
Hater: Really?
(The image freezes.)
Wander: No.