The Motorhogs
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"The Bad Guy"

The Motorhogs are a group of bad guy motorcycling pigs residing on planet, Doomstone. Their leader, Oink, is angry at Wander for stealing her bike, which leads to a long winded chase through town. Eventually, Wander and Sylvia wind up in front of a mansion, which happens to be the home of Papa Doom.

They enter the mansion, Sylvia surprised at the fact Papa Doom always leaves his door unlocked. Papa Doom is furious when Wander gave him a bag of rocks instead of crystals and still made off with the orbble juice. Papa Doom and his gargoyles begin to chase Wander and Sylvia outside.

The chase leads Wander and Sylvia to an alley, where they encounter every major bad guy throughout their adventure in every direction. Wander begins acting again, and Sylvia pulls his mustache off, reverting him to normal. She reveals she and Wander were only pretending to be bad so they can fit in and are sorry for what they did. She asks everyone if they can find it in their hearts to help them, making them soften at first, but then they ultimately refuse because they don't help strangers and don't have hearts. As Wander and Sylvia cower for the worse, Sylvia realizes nothing is happening, eventually realizing everyone is a bunch of fakers, just like Wander. The bad guys reveal they were only faking bad to survive and apologize to each other, and Sylvia tells Wander he was right all along, they just had to ask nicely.The citizens rename the town Congenial Rock, on account of their new attitude. Papa Doom gives Wander and Sylvia a huge bottle of orbble juice to get them wherever they want to go, and Oink gives them a pie for the road. Badlands Dan hopes Wander and Sylvia can come back soon, and Wander agrees and pats his snout, tickling him, and Wander blows an orbble and sends he and Sylvia on their way. As they leave, Wander says to Sylvia "What a nice bunch of folks!" and Sylvia adds "A bunch of softies, if ya ask me." Badlands Dan then says in the distance: "Be good!"

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