All right, sir. If we are to have any hope of stopping Dominator's invasion force, we need to use the most powerful weapon of them all. Please be giant lasers. Please be giant lasers! - Our brains. - Doh! I have recently been experimenting with the extremely rare, extremely unstable isotope, Frostonium 17. If we expose Dominator to a blast of Frostonium at close range, the subsequent exothermic process will - Boring! - Boring?! Sir, this weapon will neutralize not only Dominator, but her ship and entire army. Yeah, but will it impress her? Rock her world? - Get her lava flowing? - No! The exact opposite. - What?! - Just watch. Oh, no. The powerful and beautiful Dominator has conquered another planet. Nobody in the galaxy is strong or hunky enough to stop me. Ha ha ha! Guess again, Dominator. Prepare to surrender and swoon. It's That's so amazing, and totally excellent! The H. A. T. E. R. V. equipped with missile launcher, punching fists, grab-action claw, buzz-saws, slime launcher, laser beam, pizza shooter, and more!! Hey, babe, why don't you come take a ride on the Hater side? The H. A. T. E. R. V. , coming soon to a galactic battlefield near you. Potential choking hazard for Kremlons and Mikkelops. - I love you, Hater. - I know. I can't I don't Sir, do you wanna destroy Dominator or marry her? Both. So get the watchdogs and build a full-size one of these ASAP. I gotta do some push-ups real quick. No! We are not building the Haterv! You're saying it wrong. H. A. T. E. R. V. Dominator's ship is refueling on the planet Argite 7. We have a very narrow window for action. We can't waste any resources on an oversized toy. Toy?! No H. A. T. E. R. V. , no Hater. - Handle the attack yourself! - Really? You mean it? Yep. You're gonna have to lead the watchdogs alone. Good luck with Push forward. No surrender. Be ready. As soon as our forces reach Dominator, we need to hit her with the Frostonium at close range. And Wait. What is - Oh, no. - Hey, Peepers. - Guess what! - He built it himself. I built it myself! Oh, yeah, perfect entrance. Show me the love, baby. Um, hello. Super cool guy with totally tricked-out ride here. Way cooler than some stupid battle. Important battle. Very important battle. Uh, should we restack? Nah. I gotta get my ride in her line of sight for maximum impact. Oh, I like stacking though. Hey, Dominator, look at me. Never mind. Don't look. Do over, do over! Hey, Dominator Ah, dang it! Oh, my tailbone. Nice. Hey, Dominator No, no, no! Okay, new plan. Did she see the cool part? This is it, men. We have her full attention. Oh! It's fine. Play it cool, lover boy. Stick to the plan. Time to activate flight mode! Stupid thing. Looked cooler in the commercial. Yeah, flight mode! What? Come on, go higher! Whoo-hoo! Hold formation. Stay focused. There's no room What was that?! Hey, Dominator, look at my cool thing; it can totally fly!! Why isn't she looking? It's like all she cares about is stopping you guys. Tell me about it! Time to pull out the big guns. Literally. Hey, Dominator, check this ouuuut!! Okay. New new plan. What What happened? Oh, no, the H. A. T. E. R. V. Whew. Good as new. Come on, men, we're almost at the top. This is going to work! I can't feel my feet. Man, she is really playing hard to get. It's time to activate boat mode! Yeah! Boat mode! Why is nobody paying attention to me?! Dominator, look. Look now! Look at my ooze and saws and pizza. Uh-oh. No matter. Time for Sub Mode! Peepers, there is no sub mode! Save me! Find a way that doesn't make me look stupid in front of Dominator. - Should we uh help him? - No! Don't help him! With Lord Lovesick out of the way, we can finally finish this thing. Go, go, go! Commander Peeper Watchdogs, we're not giving up yet. - Fix the H. A. T. E. R. V. - Frostonium ray. At once. So do we fix the freeze ray thing or the car thing? - Car! - Ray! Sir, I'm sorry, but Dominator is never going to notice - your Haterv. - You're saying it wrong on purpose. In fact, it's pretty much the only thing on the battlefield she's not paying attention to. Oh, wait a second. Sir, we can use your car, which Dominator considers literally no threat at all, - to sneak the Frostonium close to her. - The what now? The Frostonium. My plan. The big presentation I gave this morning. Is it like a cool gift for her? Yes. It's a gift. A very cool gift. Just get close to her, set it off, and I promise she'll be really impressed. Okay, watchdogs, this is it. Coordinated four-way ambush. Land! Air! Sea! And H. A. T. E. R. V. ! Hey, babe, wanna come take a ride on Hey, babe, why don't you come take a ride on the Hater side? Hey, babe, why don't you come ake a ride on the Hater side? Hey, babe, why don't you come take a ride on the Hater side? I did it. This is it. Hey, babe, ahem, why don't you come take a on the right side? - Hey. Cool car. - What? Uh, really? You like it? Oh, yeah. The fists, the pizzas. The incredibly powerful Frostonium super-weapon. That was gift. I got you gift! Oh, really? In that case, mind if I take it for a spin? Oh, yes, come on. You got her. Now set off the Frostonium. Come on, set it off. Wait. What are you doing? Don't give her the keys! Don't let her drive it! Retreat!! - I love you. - Ugh, I know. Peepers, she likes my car.

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