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(Static. Cut to Hater at the podium with Wander behind him.)
Hater: Your attention is now mine! For I, Lord Hater... Uh....
Wander: "...planetary conqueror and Number One Super—"
Hater: Right, Superstar, have taken over your planet—airwaves—I mean airwaves. I...Line!
Wander: "...have taken over your airwaves to give you the privilege of destroying my most hated enemy, me!"
Hater: Oh, ri-ri-ri-right. Got it, got it. Okay, lemme do it now. I, Lord Hater, planetary conqueror and Num—Should it be "universal conqueror" instead of "planetary"? Which sounds better or more awesome for a conqueror?
Wander: Well, not being a conqueror myself, I'm not sure which I'd rather have conquered. But I...conquering is not really my thing.
Hater: Conquered...Conquered. Great, now "conquered" sounds weird.
Wander: Conquered. Conquered. Conquered. Ha ha! You're right! It does! Conquered, conquered, conquered, conquered, conquered—
Hater: Stop saying "conquered"! Where was I? I...Oh, yeah. I, Lord Hater, planetar — planetary...Line!
Wander: Conqueror?

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