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(Static. Cut to Hater at the podium.)
Hater: Oops! Am I interrupting something? Don't care! I, Lord Hater, planetary conqueror and Number One Superstar, have taken over your airwaves to give you the privilege of witnessing my most impressive and evil deed unfold live! To prove, once and for all, that I am the Greatest in the Galaxy, I will destroy my most hated enemy, (pants) Wander! I did it! I made it all the way through the speech! Nailed it!
Wander: Woe is me! I must perish at the hands of Lord Hater!
Hater: That's right! Now, Wander, you shall die!
(Zap! He misses. Zap! Zap! He misses twice.)
Hater: Uh, I swear this never happens to me. (Zap! He misses again.) No! I swear I can do this!
Wander: Wanna take a break and try again later?
(Zap! He misses a fifth time.)
Hater: The sun was in my eyes. (Zap! He misses a sixth time.) You moved! This stupid thing's broken! (hollers) Okay. Steady. Steady, and...
(Zap! The shot he fires ricochets up and down the ship and hits the camera. Static.)

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