"The Show Stopper"
Wander and Hater singing onstage
Season: 2
Production code: 212b
Broadcast number: TBA
Written by:
Todd Casey
Storyboards by:
Mark Ackland
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
Febuary 1, 2016
International Debut:

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Paired with
"The Hole...Lotta Nuthin'"
Story arc(s)
"The Battle Royale"
Wander joins Lord Hater onstage in a concert in an attempt to impress Dominator, while Sylvia and Peepers donstry to bring the never ending show to a stop.

Episode Summary

The episode opens with Hater and a few Watchdogs performing in a rock concert. When they finish, some Watchdogs point guns on the planet's rabbit-like inhabitants to make them applaud. The group keeps rocking, but Peepers jumps onstage and begs Hater to stop. The band has been playing the same song for days, in a stupid attempt to get Dominator to fall in love with Hater. Peepers tells him that Dominator would just blast them. Hater suddenly realizes that Peepers might be right. So he tries rap.

Peepers tries to get Hater to stop again, and Hater admits it was terrible. He goes back to rock. Then Wander appears in the audience, pumping his fist. Peepers decides to stop Hater by offering a guitar to Wander, and asking him to join Hater onstage. Wander asks about Hater already having a lead guitarist, but he's "tied up at the moment." (literally) Wander asks Sylvia permission, but Sylvia is glad that she'll be hearing a different song.

Hater sees Wander on stage and gets furious until he sees how good Wander is at playing guitar. Hater demands that Wander play at 12 beat:4 time, which he does. They start a duet. Peepers and Sylvia are shocked that Hater didn't stop, and they form an alliance to stop the duo.

First, Sylvia and Peepers shut off the power. However, Hater creates power with his own magic. Hater jumps out to crowdsurf. Peepers tries to interrupt his crowdsurfing, but he just runs back. Sylvia throws tomatoes at Hater, hitting the Watchdogs instead out of dumb luck. Peepers drops a sandbag from the rafters over Hater, but it miraculously hits a drummer. Sylvia tries to pull Hater offstage with a hooked stick, but hits a Watchdog instead. The replacement drummers suffer many more traps set for Hater.

Instead of repeating the song, Hater gives the mic to Wander, and they stop again. Sylvia wonders how Hater's still awake, and she and Peepers get a plan. Soon, Sylvia and Peepers are in the audience dressed as fangirls, and shout for Hater to play faster. Then in Spanish. Then backwards (Wander holds the guitar around his back).

Hater finally collapses. Wander tries to get him to keep going, that Dominator isn't here. Right on cue, Dominator's ship looms over the planet. Dominator starts shooting, and Sylvia runs away with Wander. Hater tries to sing again, and Wander rushes back to help. Wander works himself into Hater's cloak puppeteers him to perform. Sylvia and Peepers watch in awe of their stupidity, but Sylvia gives in. She gets Peepers to play drums, and plays the guitar herself. Dominator stops shooting.

When they finish, a faint clapping sound is heard coming from the ship. Dominator laughs, and nukes the planet. Everybody runs away, while Wander and Hater are focused on how they could do better next time.


For a full transcript of The Show Stopper, click here.

End Credits

A memoriam of all of the Watchdogs injured throughout the episode.


S2E12b Part of Title Card
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Memorable Quotes

Peepers: Sir, Dominator isn't gonna show up, and if she does, she's not gonna see this as an awesome rock concert and fall in love with you, she's gonna blast us! Hater: (singing) Who's just jealous and doesn't know what he's talking about?! PEEPEEEEERS!

Background Information


  • Sylvia wears the same disguise that she wore in "The Party Animal".
  • Third time an episode's title appears more than once, the others being "The Liar" and "The Matchmaker".
  • This is the second time Sylvia and Peepers join forces ("The Battle Royale").
  • This is the second episode to not feature any background music. ("The Party Animal")
  • Running gags: The audience will either cheer or groan, depending on if the Watchdogs pointing their guns at them, each time Peepers and Sylvia beat the Watchdog drummer away, a new one replaces them, and Hater ending a performance with "before we go, we would like to say--" then starting a song.
  • This is the actual musical episode.
  • Many of the watchdogs shown in the animatic were named after some of the show's cast and crew members. Such members include:


  • Lord Hater and the Harbingers of Doom was mentioned early on in "The Greatest".
  • Hater crowdsurfs over and unmoving crowd in a hexagon pattern the same way Wander did in "The Greatest".


  • When Wander is inside Lord Hater's skeleton body, his hand seen moving in Hater's mouth is cream white. But as he finishes saying "Hater, Hater, Hater!!!!" Wander's hand is orange again when he reveals his face next to haters.
  • When Peepers says that Dominator will not love and instead shoot them, his iris in his single eye becomes wider causing his eye pupil to contract.
  • Lord Hater and the Watchdog drummer were in different spots, as Peepers hurls down the sandbag as a trap, the bag goes directly towards Hater but it instead hits the drummer. Hater and the drummer should've been in different spots.
  • Another error with Peepers and his sandbag, as the drummer gets hit, he falls to the ground next to the drums. But as a monster's hand as a trap grabs the new drummer, the one hit by the sandbag isn't there anymore.
  • Sylvia and Peepers were dressed as fan girls but after Hater collapses, they don't have the outfit on anymore. Though they may have taken it off in an unseen moment.
  • Another error with traps is when Peepers tries to hit Hater with the giant rocket, he gets a perfect target, but misses, and his the drummer without moving the rocket.
  • Sylvia throws tomatoes directly at Hater that were dodged. But she then hits the other spot drummer instead with no affect of her throwing a tomato at him. Though she may have done it by accident during an unseen moment.


  • The title may literally reference what happens to Hater's concert in the episode. The term "show stopper" refers to an act in a show that grabs loads of attention, making it the best. A literal meaning is when the show is suddenly put to a halt when things go wrong. In other words, the concert is a literal show stopper.
  • Hater's crowdsurfing scene imitates the song "We didn't start the fire."

Production Information



"The Hole...Lotta Nuthin'"
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"The Cartoon"

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