The Sick Day
Season: 2
Production code: 220a
Broadcast number: 75
Story by:
Craig McCracken
Francisco Agones
Todd Casey
Amy Higgins
Noelle Stevenson
Written by:
Noelle Stevenson
Storyboards by:
Benjamin Balistreri
Directed by:
Dave Thomas
Benjamin Balistreri
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
Disney XD US Premiere:
June 13, 2016
International Debut:
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Paired with
The Sky Guy

After Wander comes down with a cold, he depends on Sylvia to take on his many duties helping others but also trying to help at the same time.

Episode Sumary

The episode begins with Sylvia and Wander sleeping in a cave, Sylvia wakes up and becomes surprised because she woke up before Wander does, when he woke up, he looked and acted differently, frazzled, a little red-eyed and dizzy-like, he couldn't play the banjo right nor sing. When Sylvia asked if he was sick but he insisted that he is the farthest thing in the world from being sick and that he got many of things to do to get sick, but Syl didn't agree and offered him that he gets some rest to feel better and she could take care of everything but Wander didn't wanted Sylvia to go out of her way for him. She asked Wander to stay in the hammock and rest while she gets some firewood, he was okay with it but then he decided to help her, and suddenly it began to rain, drenching both of them and making Wander a little more sick. Sylvia insisted that he doesn't have to do anything and just ask if he needs anything, and asked for a glass of water. When she went to get it, she saw Wander again doing it himself, she asked him more firmly to stay, but he didn't, just to help Sylvia start the fire ( which he end up sneezing on it thus turning it off ) Sylvia tries to explain that sometimes he has to take care of himself first. wander protests , stating that hes already behind his morning helping routine and if he doesnt help terrible things might happen.  sylvia retorts and and tells him its not the end of the universe which causes wander to come close   to freak out. sylvia then offers to do the rotine for him. wander is hesitant but sylvia insists she can do it, stating hes helped her many times its time he let her help him. she then tells him to tell her the things to do and shell do them.

wander tells her all the things he does and sylvia does them thes are  : give breakfast  for locals (  including plants and animals), scratch buster behind the ears, turn off haters alarm clock ( which results in her being attacked by captain tim), give black cube banjo lessons, make peepers soles bigger, feeding Emperor Awesome's white tigrexes( wander shows up to put clove on meat  and sneezes, resultin in sylvia getting attacked). sylvia then  wraps wander in his blanket as he tells her the watch dogs need a referre,mop the floor at the blorpees( wander tells her she missed a spot  and sneezes). sylvia duct tapes him to the hamock as he tells her to  see if anyone in Okeydokeyia needs help, hit the snooze buttom again( same thing happens), change Huckleberry Knucklehead's diaper, Throw out anything that doesn't have a name in the Watchdogs' fridge,  return any lost socks.( turns out to be wanders sock and wander has followed her). she ties him down with rope as he tells her to hit the snooze button one last time. she does but wander sneezes waking tim up. sylvia chains wander as he tells her the last thing to do: water dominators cactus he left for her.,but then states that its too dangerous and he'll do it 

on dominators ship, sylvia searches for the cactus, grumbling  when she hears wander sneeze loudly. 

she finds him shivering and panting, his fur is tellow green wityh colorful spots on him and his eyes are red. sylvia grabs him and takes him to where the cactus should be, turns out wander had dreamed about giving her a cactus, he then states they should get her a cactus.

at the cave sylvia has wander in a box and orders him to rest.( wander is now green) she is amazed at how much he does while she sleeps. wander states shes a heavy sleeper. sylvia decides to nap just then wander yells  alerting sylvisa, he panickedly tells her he forgot to visit miss myrtle. he tells her he  visits her every week and brings cookies so they can chat. sylvia tells him it not the end of the universe wander gets hysterical. sylvia then tells him she'll see miss myrtle if he promises to rest. wander promises and dozes off.  he suddenly wakes up yelling sylvia forgot the snickerdoodles.

sylvia arrives on a shell which she thinks strange for an old lady to live,  she finds out that miss myrtle is an ancient turtle and she is standing on her shell.

wander manages to free himself and get an orble buble to see ms myrtle. when he arrives he finds sylvia telling ms myrtle a joke she got from dominator. ms myrtle  sees wander who is shocked that the univers is alright

ms myrtle tells him sylvia told her he was ill so she understands why he couldnt come, using her powers she restores wanders color and places hi in his hat stating its alright to let thers help, its not the end of the universe

wander and sylvia laugh, wander drowsily smiles and says  it never hurts to let someone help. wander ten falls asleep

sylvia offers myrtle a cookie but she declines when sylvia laughs she demands she get rid of them or shell destroy the univers

sylvia then swallows the cookies.


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