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(Static. Cut to Hater talking to Wander.)
Hater: Remember, no talking this time. (goes back to the podium) Oops! Did I interrupt your show? Good! I, Lord Hater, planetary conqueror and Number One Superstar, have taken over your airwaves to give you the privilege of witnessing my most impressive and evil deed unfold live! To prove once and for all that I am the Greatest in the Galaxy, I will destroy my most hated enemy, Wander!
(Hater steps away from the podium to present Wander, who is doing an extremely goofy smile.)
Hater: What?! Why are you— Ignore it. Just ignore it. (goes back to the podium) For too long, Wander has thwarted my diabolical deeds and— Stop smiling! You're about to be destroyed! Make a scared face!
(Wander thinks for a second and makes a face like Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone.)
Hater: No no no, that's all wrong!! You look like you just won the lottery! It's like this! (he pretends to cower and shake in fear, Wander makes several more stupid faces) No. Dumb! Wrong! What?! That's not even!! Grrrr! Ew, gross!! (he hits his head on the podium) Look, if you can't take this seriously, then I'm just gonna SHUT THIS WHOLE THING DOWN!!! (Wander finally shakes in fear, Hater gasps) That's perfect! (Wander goes back to his goofy smile.) No!

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