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(Static. Cut to Hater at the podium.)
Hater: Sorry to interrupt whatever lame show you were watching. Not! But, I, Lord Hater, planetary conqueror and Number One Superstar, have taken over your airwaves to gi—
Wander: (in the background) Who is the universe's awesomest evildoer?
Hater: Is that singing?
Wander: Who's super-strong and shoots out scary green lightning?
Hater: (shakes head) To give you the privilege of witnessing my most impress— (growls) and evil deed unfold live! To prove... (lowers Wander) (annoyedly) Will you stop singing?
Wander: Who set the record for galactic explosions? But I'm singing your theme song!
Hater: You're making it sound stupid!
Wander: Well, why don't you show us how it's done?
(Static. Cut to reveal Hater with an electric guitar, which he does not play very well.)
Hater: Uh, well... (strums poorly) Who... No, wait, wait. Lemme, lemme start over. (clears throat) Wh— No. No. Who is the... (clears throat) Okay, I got it. I got it now. Who... Who... Who... Ohhhhhh... Who is the Mmmm. Who is the...
Wander: You gotta find middle C. It's like Do re mi fa—
Hater: (yelling) It's the stupid guitar's fault! (He throws the guitar at the camera. Static.)

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