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(Static. Cut to Wander all alone on his rack but Hater's podium is nowhere to be seen.)
Wander: Um, Lord Hater, your camera's runnin' and I'm pretty sure we're interrupting some high quality programming. Are you gonna come out and destroy me?
Hater: (offscreen) Whatever. Dumb. Something's just gonna go wrong. Don't even care.
(A door is heard closing. Wander jumps off his rack and makes his hat look like Hater's hood.)
Wander: (imitating Hater) Rooooaaaar, I'm Lord Hater! I'm the Greatest in the Galaxy! But I'm way more sensitive than people realize, which is why it's so important to me that people think I'm mean and scary. I don't need planets or power to be happy. What I really need is a friend. A friend like Wander. (the door opens offscreen and Hater is heard yelling) And we'll have brunch together, throw a raging party, play songs, sing songs, maybe do a whole musical! Oh, perhaps I'll find love and Wander'll be so happy! I'll make him my emergency medical contact.
(The real Hater appears on screen.)
Hater: NO WE WON'T!!!!!! (Roars, then hits his head on the screen cracking the camera.)

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