This article is about the jingle. You may be looking for the drink it advertises.
"Thunder Blazz Jingle"
S1e10a Thunder Blazz bottle held by Sylvia
"Thunder Blazz!"
Song by Andy Bean
Genre(s): Rock
Length: 0:06 (short version)
0:30 (full version)
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Thunder Blazz!00:31

Thunder Blazz!

"Thunder Blazz Jingle" is a song dedicated to the soda of the same name, heard during "The Nice Guy". A small portion was heard as Sylvia drinks the soda. The full version was heard during the end credits.


Short version

Feel the blazz (All right!)
Thunder Blazz!

Full version

Well, there ain't no doubt about the power of thunder
Lifts you up when you're feeling under now
So refreshing and oh, so fizzy, yeah
Consult your doctor if you're feelin' dizzy

Feel the blazz
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Blazz
Feel the blazz
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Blazz
Feel the blazz (All right!)
Thunder Blazz!



ASCAP Work #580810454

"Here Comes Wander Now"
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