((Mah gawd, it's November and I'm not even halfway done with The Demon.

I'm so lazy ;-;))

Nicole: Alright, I've been gone for a while... let's see what happened... this is not gonna be good.

(Nicole opens up her laptop to see a comment by ForeverTrombone.)

ForeverTrombone: First things first, cutting is for the weak and unworthy. (I'm just saying my opinion)

My legit question is what is your most favorite episode of WOY and why?

Nicole: Well... (stops and sees a comment by TheCrystalPony639)


ForeverTrombone: I'm saying the complete opposite. You're above cutting and you should know that.

Nicole: That's... kinda offensive...

TheCrystalPony639: HUE.

SilverArcticWolff36: Well apparently I'm weak then go ahead say it to my fudging face I don't even care anymore I should just leave b4 I start a fight between us three u guys r my friends the last thing I want us to do is fight D':

Nicole: Wait! Uh...

TheCrystalPony639: Welp, then que the song! ((No, I'm not gonna link to it.)) 

(Nicole notices the comment was updated, saying this:

TheCrystalPony639: ((You know what, screw this. I'm gonna link it.))

ForeverTrombone: I would proceed to give reasons why cutting is wrong but *sips Lipton* that's none of my business.

Nicole: Uh... can I... nevermind.

 TheCrystalPony639: Well, hue.

Nicole: ...

Well, anyways, my favorite episode is probably The Prisioner... it was very entertaining. And, well, keep this between us, but... (looks both ways, then whispers) I kinda like Peepers.

(Nicole's phone starts to ring.)

Nicole: Oh, I gotta go. Bye! (Runs out the door.)

((In case you're ever feeling down.))

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