((Oh, look, a thing!))

((There were a bunch of curses so I had to change them. :3))

(Le Wander at a pizzeria)

Wander: Let's fast forward three months later. Three months later is my daughter's birthday. (Wander, have you been busy? O-O) I throw my daughter a party at the house, in the backyard, like a normal flarfin' parent, okay?

(Le audience laughs)

Wander: But don't get me wrong, I tried to go above and beyond. I really did. I had SpongeBob there, which is a really big deal. Uh, I had a pony. Kids can get on the pony, walk it around the yard one time. And get off. 

(Pinkie Pie because she's best pony)

Wander: Uh, I had a bouncer. 

(Bouncer castle with le wandering group in it. Get out guys, you're too old.)

Wander: Kids get on the bouncer, jump around. Like, shiz was nice, it was going good. Here's where it got bad. Me and SpongeBob got into it. 

(Wander getting upset at le party)

I got mad at SpongeBob cuz he kept taking his helmet off, and he was smoking cigarettes in front of the kids.

(SpongeBob smoking near Avy and Bara, cuz they're kids)

And I was like, "SpongeBob, you know, don't- don't take your helmet off, don't smoke no cigarettes, in front of the flarfing kids, okay? The kids think you're really SpongeBob. SpongeBob on TV don't take his face off, and show a black-ass face underneath it, and start smoking flarfing cigarettes, so what the heck makes you think you can?".

(le audience laughs again)

Now, when I get mad, I get physical. I get hype, so I said:

(At le party) 

"Put the motherflarfing helmet on, and put the goddang cigarettes up, man. You don't be smoking on cigarettes out here, in front of the flarfing kids. Put the goddang helmet on, and put the flarfing cigarettes up, or shiz's getting real."

(Le audience laughing)

I was going off. Shiz was getting real. Here's the thing that made it bad. Nobody told me that SpongeBob was fresh out. This thing was fresh out of jail.

(More laughing from le audience)

here's what I found out, he smacked on me. he said: 

(le SpongeBob talking back)

"Hey man, shut the flarf up! Screw you, and these ugly-ass kids!" 

I said, "Well, goddang".

He said, "I just got out of jail for aggravating assault. I'm here to get a check. Once I get my check, I'm out. I don't give a flarf about these kids. I'm such a boss."

When I heard "jail", my whole attitude changed. As soon as I heard "jail", this is what I said. I said:

(At le party again)

"No, you're not listening. No, I don't, I'm not saying you can't smoke. You can smoke, just don't blow it in their face."

(Le audience laughing)

"That's all I'm saying. Blow it up. Give them a chance to not have cancer, is all I'm saying."

(Le video ends) 

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