((Le birthday blog for Katie))

(Katie was walking around when a note fell from the sky and onto the ground. She picked it up and scanned it)

Katie: (reading out loud) "Dear Katie, meet us at Angel's house at 3:00 PM. Signed, anon. P.S., it's Wander." Huh, alright then.

(At 3:00, Katie was standing right in front of Angel's doorstep. She knocks on the door and waits a few seconds. Then, something attacks her. It puts a blindfold on her and drags her inside. Once inside, it takes the blindfold off. All Katie could see was darkness, as if there were no lights in the room. Then someone turned the lights on and all her friends surrounded her as she lied on the floor)

Everyone: SURPRISE!

Katie: wut? .-.

Wander: Happy birthday, Katie. Here, have a cookie.

(Wander hands her a cookie as Katie makes a happy sound)

Katie: Cookie! (Eats the cookie)

(Katie looked around the room. It had three tables filled with snacks and party hats on top. There were a few chairs and confetti everywhere. In the middle of the room was a huge banner with the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on it. Angel stepped out a bit to speak to her) 

Angel: Sorry if we scared you when putting on the blindfold. Don't be so rough on her next time, Scorpio.

Scorpio: (blushing) Sorry. (Offers her a hand to help her up)

Katie: (gets up and brushes off any dust that might have gotten on her) It's fine. You guys really did this for me? :3

Nomad: Well, of course! You're our friend. (Muttering to Shine) And a creep...

Katie: I heard that, Nomad.

Nomad: Flarf. 

Katie: GET REKT, M8! (Grabs a random hammer out of nowhere and attempts to chase after Nomad, but Wander stops her)

Wander: You can kill Nomad later, Katie. Just enjoy your birthday for now.

Katie: K. .-.

Sylvia: (holding up the birthday cake in one hand) SO, WHO WANTS CAKE?!?

Everyone: ME!

(Then everyone has cake. The end. :P)

Happy 14th birthday, Katie-Chan. :3

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