(After the tour around Heaven, Angel and Lyla sit down near a water fountain in the plaza, just to rest a bit. Strangely, no one seemed to be around, so the two took it as an opportunity to talk and ask questions.)

Angel: So, Lyla...

Lyla: Yeah? What's wrong?

Angel: I just wanted to ask, how did you pass away...?

Lyla: Oh. Well, it was back on my home planet. I was with my mom and sisters. My sisters were both older than me, but the oldest one... I can't remember much, as this is all just a blur now, but... 

Angel: What? What happened?

Lyla: She just went insane... I don't remember much of what happened afterwards, but I saw her... I... She was just standing there, with a bloody knife... I just lied on the floor, staring, before I passed out...

Angel: Wow... Lyla, I'm sorry...

Lyla: It's alright... It wasn't your fault...

Angel: Well, on the bright side, you have friends who care about you. And it doesn't seem like you'd be in any danger here.

Lyla: Yeah, you're right...

Angel: (sighs) At least your situation was better than mine...

Lyla: Really? What happened to you?

Angel: Well, there was this guy... His name was Wander. I loved him, and I thought he loved me back... But then he left me for a stupid cookie.

Lyla: A... cookie...?

Angel: Don't ask.

Lyla: Sorry...

Angel: Eventually, I took my own life away, hoping the suffering would end.

Lyla: Oh, Angel, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Angel: Yeah... but at least I got to meet you and the others. 

Lyla: Yeah... (takes out a pair of glasses from her bag)

Angel: (notices the glasses) Are those yours?

Lyla: Yeah, they are. I've always needed them, but I've been too shy about wearing them in public.

(The glasses were a golden color, and they shone in the sunlight.)

Angel: Well, I think they'd look great on you.

Lyla: (laughs) No they wouldn't. I'd just look like a dork.

Angel: Don't say that. Here, let me put them on for you.

(Lyla handed her the glasses. Angel took them and carefully put them on Lyla. As soon as she looked up, Angel smiled.)

Angel: See? You look great!

Lyla: I'm not too sure about that.

Angel: Really? 'Cause I think they make you look really smart.

Lyla: Thanks.

Angel: You're welcome. Now come on, let's go meet up with the rest of the group.

(The two girls got up and headed towards town to meet up with the others.)

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