((Not to be confused with The Prisoner))

((This thing with Scorpio and Shine. Hue))

(Scorpio in a prison)

Scorpio: A time ago in a sorrowful place,

The lonely prisoner fell for a girl.

Through the barrier he could see her

And his heat would beat, heart would beat.

For her~~!

All my freedom has been taken away.

Locked away while fearing the pain.

All I can see when I look at you, is the

Big difference, big difference

(Nomad in a dress, hue. Nah, just kidding. It's Shine)

I took a chance and wrote a letter,

Folding it into a paper plane.

Simply hoping that it flies through the air, and it

Reaches you, reaches you.

Ah, if only I could get away~

From this cold and dark filled place.

Its all a lie.

I feel it inside.

Every time I see you, all of my worries disappear.

I believe all the good things out there could just be true.

"Please come near, I just want to have a decent talk with you.

Maybe then you could see how much this distance hurts my heart."

I'm watching you from here, hoping you will turn.

Happiness that leaves, its waiting for tomorrow.

Days and months eventually pass.

The dark begins to fade.

The paper planes you sent me then, were my



Though one day you came to me,

(Shine walking to the barrier between her and Scorpio)

More distant then you usually are.

(Gives him paper plane)

Telling me you were going away and it was 



(Shine runs off)

Oh, living with this agony.

Pain that burst out from inside.

These tears, wont stop.

I've never cried so much.

Every time I see you, I just cant help but to smile.

Despite any sort of fate the future has in store for me.

All those days that passed and I still do not even have your name.

I cant help but to imagine a bright future where you are.

I cant call out to you.

I cant follow you.

I cant get out of here.

I cant do anything now!

(Then a guard rips up the paper planes, Scorio gets mad, blah, blah, blah, violence, blah)

Finally, it seems my turn has come.

After all this time I spent with you.

Has left me with no regrets at all,

But then my mind begins to scream.

It says I want to live some more,

I'm no longer full of those confused feelings.

My heart knows what I want from this world.

I wanna see you,

Wanna see you.

Once more,

Once more.

(Some flashbacks)

If we could, I wish we'd go back to the time we once shared.

Those days, I remember them like a sudden flash of light.

Emotions spread out and written into so many words.

Was the only thing that kept me going through the darkest times.

Far away, I imagine a patch of dirty weeds.

Where a flower bloomed so beautifully standing out from all.

Even though you and I lived in two different worlds,

I still tried to take a chance and reach out to you.

I can feel my heart beat change as the last moment draws near.

Cant you just let me talk to her one last final time?

This chamber filled with darkness is where my life will end.

My screams echo loudly, yet no one else can hear.

There's hurting in my chest,

I can hardly breathe.

I just want to know, one simple little thing.

Just your name~!

(And then he dies. Hue)

((Goddammit, Scorpio, quit dying!))

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