((I'm gonna be lonely for the next few days. ;-;))

(Le group coming out of the hospital. Everyone is talking to each other, while Wander just follows them from behind and stares.)

Sylvia: (turns around to face Wander) So, Wander... I think it'd be best if you hung out with us for a while. To try and get your memory back. Sound good?

Wander: I dunno... is it gonna be dangerous...?

Nomad: That depends. Most of us are insane, either way, so...

Scorpio: (nudges Nomad)

Nomad: Ow!

Angel: Anyways... (grabs Wander's arm and drags them away from the rest of the group.) I think you'll need this...

(Angel gives Wander a cookie. More specifically, Sarah.)

Wander: What am I gonna need a cookie for?

Angel: Trust me, you'll need it. (Grabs Wander's arm again and brings him back to the group.) So, now what?

Shine: We should probably take him to any familiar places to refresh his memory.

Scorpio: We should also try to avoid Lord Hater. He'll probably take advantage of Wander's amnesia and kill him off.

Sylvia: Good idea. (Gets out orbble juice) Now, off to Doomstone!

((I tried.))


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