((Part of a vent; will explain later))

(Wander had been sleeping peacefully, dreaming of helping people, and getting all the girls. But at random in the middle of the night, he suddenly dreamed of the end of the galaxy. Everything had been burning down. The sun had been shooting flames to every planet or anything else in the galaxy. No one had survived, and were all burned to death. What was left was Wander's hat, now completely burned and destroyed, and the star faintly glowing, before shattering to pieces. And that's when he woke up)

Wander: (jolts up and screams)

(No one had woken up, and he was relieved, as he didn't want anyone to worry about him. He looked around him, and everything was how it was before they had gone to sleep)

Wander: (to himself) It's okay, Wander. Just go back to sleep. Everything's fine... I hope...

(Wander attempted to go back to sleep, but noises and hallucinations had kept him up, thinking it might actually be the end. He waited quietly, staring into darkness, waiting for 6 AM to come. He tried to relax, telling himself it couldn't possibly happen)

Or could this be a sign...?

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