(Hater had entered Peeper's room while destroying stuff. Peepers, take a chill pill.)

Hater: Uh... Peepers?

(Peepers turned around to see Hater, then looked at the mess he made.)

Peepers: What do you want?

Hater: I just wanted to... apologize...

Peepers: Oh, really?

Hater: Wander was never my buddy in the first place! I was faking it to survive!!! Those guys really hurt me everywhere...

Peepers: (wipes a tear) Really...?

Hater: Yeah. (Places Peepers on his lap.) You know we'll be best buds forever, right?

Peepers: I guess I did overreact a bit back there... (Me: This is so out of character for them. Lol.)

Hater: So... best buds again?

Peepers: Best buds again.

(And then they kissed. The end.)

((I regret nothing.))

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