The Contamination

((Just a heads up, this ties in with Bacterial Contamination))

(Starlight, now half robot and half Star Nomad, stares up at the sky, wondering what she could've done differently to prevent the situation from happening)

?: Hey. Enjoying the view?

Starlight: (turns around) Who are you?

Ceraza: I'm Cereza. ((You remember Cereza, right? Right? Right? No? K. ;-;))

Starlight: Cereza? Well, then, what are you doing here?

Cereza: Just kinda wandered here by accident. Didn't expect to see anyone here.

Starlight: Technically, I wouldn't be here if I hadn't screwed up.

Cereza: What do you mean?

Starlight: Well... these guys who used to be my "friends"... they're the reason I look like this...

Cereza: (while biting an apple she had in her hand the entire time) What happened?

Starlight: Well, this thing happened, which I don't want to explain, and they basically got mad at me, so they abused me. I had to find someone to help me survive the injuries, and that's why I'm half robot now.

Cereza: Whoa...

Starlight: I probably should've just stayed there to rot. I have nowhere to go and no reason to even exist.

Cereza: I know how you feel.

Starlight: You do?

Cereza: Yeah. My little brother, Zach and I ran away from home. Our parents were fighting that one night, and they just went insane. Our father killed our mother, then probably was sentenced to his death, from what I heard. Zach and I have barely been able to survive ever since. We barely had anything or anyone. We were alone. And just recently, Zach got hurt from something that happened in a city a few miles back. I don't think we'll survive any longer. I just wanna give up. (Tears start to fall from her eyes)

Starlight: Wow. I'm sorry. ((Sappy stuff everywhere))

Cereza: It's fine.

Starlight: You're at least lucky. I basically have to suffer everyday. I get hurt, abandoned, and depressed. Sometimes I just wanna end my life, and maybe everything will be better.

Cereza: (stares at her apple) If you want, you can come with us. You won't have to be alone.

Starlight: Are you sure? You actually want me to travel with you guys?

Cereza: So, what do you say?

Starlight: ... Alright.

(They both leave to a forest wheeler Zach was the entire time)

The Meltdown

((Heads up: Relation to Meltdown by Kagamine Rin))

(New character Autumn is seen standing at the top of a fusion reactor. She was about to jump when her twin brother Breeze grabbed her)

Autumn: Huh?

Breeze: Autumn, what are you doing?!?

Autumn: Breeze! I... uh... I can explain-

Breeze: Explain what? The fact you were almost gonna jump to your death?

Autumn: It's just... I'm not ready...

Breeze: Ready for what?

Autumn: To grow up! It's just that, we'll have more responsibilities, everything will be different than from how it was when we were kids, and worst of all, we may even get separated...

Breeze: Okay, Autumn, I know things will be rough, but you'll be fine.

Autumn: I will?

Breeze: Yeah. You been through alot, I understand, so I think you'll be able to survive this. ((Sappy stuff again))

Autumn: I guess, but-

Breeze: You'll be fine.

(Autumn looks down, seeing how high above the ground they were)

Autumn: Alright.

(Both start making their way down)

((K, I did a thing. .-.))


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