(Wander woke up in a dark basement on a torture bed. He noticed the shadow that attacked him earlier.)

Wander: Wait, where am I?

?: Funny you should ask.

(The lights turned on, making is a little less dark. The shadow was reviled as Wander's evil counterpart.)

Wander: What?!? But I thought she defeated you.

Evil Wander: Yeah, sure, but somehow, I was able to escape. And now I'm getting my revenge.

Wander: What are you gonna do? (Gasps) You better not hurt my friends!!!!!!!

Evil Wander: I wasn't going to. Now stay still. This might hurt a bit.

(Evil Wander started headed to Wander. Wander let out a scream as the evil counterpart entered his body through his heart. Then he started transforming. He had a black cape and gloves, sneakers kinda like Hater's, and his eyes were now red and green. He laughed evolution once the transformation was complete.)

Wander: Now, where's that group?

((I just realized this is Sock Opera.)) 

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