((Just a warning, this is a short one.))

(On the other side of the dark planet, everyone else had remained. Sylvia had just returned with a few twigs for a fire. They had been looking all day ((actually, you wouldn't be able tell if it was day or night, since it was always dark.)) for Wander. It was night ((maybe.)) and they decided to quit their search for the day ((huh?)).)

Angel: UGH. Where is he?!? I'm starting to getting worried...

Sylvia: (encouragingly) Don't worry, Angel. We'll find him soon.

Makota: Yeah, it's not like it's the end of the world. ((Me: *cough cough*yesitis*cough cough*))

Angel: I hope he comes back soon... (gazes at the gloomy sky.)

((Hue. Cliffhanger.))

((Katie, I will hurt you.))

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