((I regret nothing.))

(Le Scorpio in a random meadow. Le Nomad and Wander walk up to him.)

Scorpio: Hey, guys! How are-

(Scorpio stares at them, noticing something... different about them.)

Scorpio: Is there, uh... something you guys wanna tell me...?

Wander: Well, um...

Scorpio: (stares)

Wander: I'm pregnant.

Scorpio: (stares with a "WTF" expression on his face)

Nomad: Scorpio, I love you!

Scorpio: ... I'm out.

(Le Scorpio walks out of random door.)

Wander: Wait, come back!

Nomad: We were just kidding!

Scorpio: (pokes head through doorway) Really?

Nomad: Yup! April fools! 

(Le Nomad throws confetti everywhere.)

Scorpio: 'Kay... well, you guys got me...

Nomad: You should've seen the look on your face! It was hilarious!

Wander: Yeah! You really fell for it!

Scorpio: Haha... I'll admit, it was kinda funny.

Nomad: Well, duh! We're awesome!

Scorpio: I just have have one question; how did you guys get so... chubby...?

Wander: Uh... we may or may not have eaten Sylvia... 

Sylvia: (from inside of Wander) Let me outta here!

Wander: Oops...

Scorpio: (facepalms)

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