((New thing because I've been lazy and bored. I'm sorry. ;-;))

((Le Starlight makes an epic return because she needs to be tortured))

(Le one day...)

Wander: Um... any specific reason why she's with us again?

Angel: Who?

Starlight: Um... right here!

Angel: Oh... Yeah.

Sylvia: Wander, we saved her last night after running into her, remember?

Wander: Well, couldn't we have just left her there?

Sylvia: She's a kid, Wander.

Starlight: I'm almost a teen...

Shine: Shut up...

Wander: Well, then, what are we supposed to do with her?

Sylvia: She can stay with us for a while, but then you can do whatever you want with her.

Wander: (mumbling) I hope we can drown her...

Scorpio: That's kinda harsh, Wander...

Wander: (blushing) You heard that...?

Sylvia: We all did.

Starlight: :<

Wander: Heh... I was just kidding... uh... (He's totally lying. Hue)

Avy: Guys, quit fighting and keep moving. It's getting dark.

Angel: Avy's right. We're supposed to meet up with Bay on the other side of this river.

Wander: You're right. I'll stop, but I still have doubts about this one (referring to Starlight).

((Gosh darn it, Starlight! Quit being a screw-up!))

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