((Sorry I've been gone. Been catching up with livestreams and life. Will do Wander's breaking point and Night 4 soon, as well as a certain crossover I mentioned.))

((Yes, this is just us fooling around.))

(Crystal-Chan was just wandering around Wikia when Katie-Chan and Jess got on as well.)

      • On threads***

Katie: Hurb.

Jess: Ebola.

Crystal: Welp.

Katie: Hue.

Crystal: Bruh.

Jess: Bruh.

Katie: Hurb.


Katie: <Insert something about anime>

Crystal: <Insert literally anything that has to do with ponies, shipping, weeaboo stuff, waifus, animatronics, or whatever else I like, bruh>

Jess: <Just insert anything. I don't care>

      • Blogs***

<Insert literally anything random, offensive, whatever>

      • Anywhere else***

<I dunno. Welp>

((Our lives in a nutshell. Hue.))

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