(Proof of Life/Soundless Voice)

(Shine looks at Scorpio, smiling, and Scorpio doing the same back. Through a view of the window, the two can be seen talking and laughing. Suddenly, Shine drops the cup of cocoa. Scorpio stares in surprise, as Shine looks at her hands, slightly trembling. Outside in the hall, Scorpio is seen crying. Later, the two are video-chatting. Then afterwards they go outside to play one last time)

Shine: You're singing a heartwarming song, right?

Scorpio: As the snow piles up, you slowly whither.

Shine: Even if the loneliness consumes us, keep singing joyful songs.

Scorpio: I can't do anything, but watch you disappear as I hold you.

Shine: Don't forget, I'll always be by your side.

Scorpio: Just once, can I please hear your voice?

Shine: I'll always be here so you won't ever be...

Shine and Scorpio: Alone...

Shine: In my very last moment, I want to tell you...

Thank you...

(Shine falls over and dies. Scorpio stares in shock. Then he picks her up, holding her close to his body)

Scorpio: (faintly) You and your voice will never return to me...

(He screams, then starts to cry)

Please snow, continue to fall and don't stop.

And take me to the other side where she is.

Let my body whither with my sad and empty voice.

Let it all be...

Painted white.

Paper Plane/Prisoner

(Instrumental of Paper Plane as a plane glides through the air. Scorpio reaches out to catch it, and smiles. On the other side of the barrier, Shine reveals herself from under her hat, smiling. There's a short pause before Prisoner)

(Scorpio getting abused)

Scorpio: I can feel my heart beat change as the last moment draws near.

(Shine tries to reach for the paper plane)

Cant you just let me talk to her one last final time?

This chamber filled with darkness is where my life will end.

My screams echo loudly, yet no one else can hear.

There's hurting in my chest,

I can hardly breathe.

I just want to know, one simple little thing.

(Final shots of the two before they die)

(And of course, we all know Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil. :3)

(The bell chimes as the climax of the story begins)

Shine: (laughs) Now, bow to me!

(Instrumental plays during intro)

Shine: Evil flowers steadily bloom,

With an array of bloodied doom.

(Switch to Servant of Evil)

Scorpio: You're forever my lady, as I'm your servant.

Born together as twins, destiny has broken us.

But I'll love you forever no matter what I do,

I'll become a villain just so I can protect you.

And if the time comes again when we can be reborn,

I only hope that I can be reborn with you.

(Instrumental plays as random clips of their past is shown, before returning to the present day. Shine tries to get through the crowd to see Scorpio's execution)

((Used these english lyrics since it fitted better with the music))


Proof of Life

Soundless Voice

[http:// Original video.]

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