((I'm so sorry. ;-;))

(Wander and Shine talking to each other)

Wander: n00t?

Shine: What?

Wander: n00t.

Shine: You're drunk. Go home. (Looks around before looking back at him)

Wander: n00t? :<

Scorpio: Guys?

Shine: AAAAAHHHHH. (Realizes it's just Scorpio) GOSH DARN IT, SCORPIO.

Scorpio: Sorry. Um... what's wrong with Wander?

Shine: n00t.

Scorpio: What?

Shine: He's gone n00t.

Scorpio: Oh...

(Le Nomad walks past them)

Nomad: n00t, guys.

Scorpio: Uh... hi?

Nomad: What? No n00t?

Shine: SNAP OUTTA IT. (Slaps Nomad)

Nomad: OW.

Wander: n00t?

Shine: Shut up, Wander...

Wander: ;-;


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