((I dunno, I just wanna get all the stress off me.))

((Also, Wander, because screw Starlight.))

(Wander was standing in front of a mirror, looking down with tears in his eyes as he thought of all the friends he made and all the sins he committed. He starts to gain flashbacks, of every moment he had spent with Sylvia, Nomad, Angel, Scorpio, Annika, and the rest of the group, and of all the trouble they caused. Eventually, he also begins hallucinating, and all he could see were crimson red blood stains.)

Wander: Was it even real...? Did it even matter...? Did I really give up the person I loved the most for a stupid cookie...?!? ((I am legit starting to question how many girls Wander even dated...)) 

(Out of anger, Wander clenched his fist and punched the mirror, causing it to shatter. Blood dripped from Wander's hand as he realized what he had done and began breathing heavily.)

Wander: I... what have I become...? I just can't handle it anymore! It's too much...!

(Wander looks down and notices the shattered glass. He reaches down and grabs a sharp piece of the mirror, holding onto it tightly. Next thing he knew, he fell to the floor, suddenly letting go of the sharp glass, which was now covered in blood. His vision was becoming blurred as he lied there, and the last thing he heard was Sylvia's mourning over the loss of her best friend.)

Sylvia: Wander...? Wander, wake up! Wander!

((I seriously need a life.))

((Welp, bye. *hides*))

((Also, this was based off the song Shatter by SF-A2 miki.))

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