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  • I live in somewhere on planet you living
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  • I am Guy on the picture with extreme photoshopping level

    Well, Joel from vinesauce brought me to a music to MIDI file converter website here

    then i convert WOY Theme song to MIDI file, and...

    ...this is what it sounds like

    p.s. the converted midi file volume is REALLY LOW, so i convert the midi file to mp3 and increased the volume by 20db with audacity.

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    hello humans. Because i'm a geek WOY fan, i want to give you just 5 questions. And please don't say if i'm stupid because, as i said before, i'm a geek. here's teh questions mate.

    1. does meteorite ACTUALLY pushes sun/star when hit in real life?

    2. why are all the planets very small and same gravity level as earth?

    3. is lord hater part of illuminati?

    4. how wander and sylvia can survive EXTREME HEAT if they're real?

    5. how does buster can exist in real life (bigger than a planet, not breathing air)

    6. why WOY is so illogical and all WOY fan don't think about that?

    7. did you notice that this questions has more than 5 questions?

    8. am i stupid?

    8. did you notice anything else?

    Aswer (And also ask me if you want) mate

    i'll give you 5 more questions in…

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    May 9, 2015 by AAAAA11111BBBBB

    This blog is cancelled

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    Hey, I just want to give you a quick poll here about your favorite cartoon

    tell me in the comment below!

    A. Wander Over Yonder

    B. Phineas and Ferb

    C. Kim Possible

    D. Gravity Falls

    P.s. My Prediction : No one will reading this

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    WOY is Illogical

    April 18, 2015 by AAAAA11111BBBBB

    One thing that i want to ask you

    Why Wander over yonder is SO ILLOGICAL???

    Where's the logic???

    Why no one on this wiki think about its illogicalness???

    just because this is just a stupid cartoon?

    By Illuminati

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