The End was an episode I made up on Donyark's Episode Idea blog. The description:

Wander is over his head attempting to tell Sylvia that his parents are moving to a new galaxy, and possibly won't see her anymore.


Part 1

(The episode starts out on Wander's home, a green planet with a black stripe around it and a yellow star on the front, apparently looking like Wander's hat, along with a big house on top and a hill on bottom. It then zooms in to show Wander's face.)

Wander: Hey, Sylvia! (zoom out to show Sylvia is asleep on the hill, and Wander is trying to wake her up. First Wander is trying to just tell her to get up) Come on, Sylvia! It's time to get up! (Wander tries jumping on her) Sylvia! Sylvia! Sylvia! Sylvia! (now he is trying to make a loud sound on his banjo) I wish I had a trumpet...I'll put that on my birthday list!
Sylvia: (rolls over) Five more minutes...
Wander: But Sylvia, mom and dad are making breakfast-
Wander: But its your favorite! Chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and a side of french toast sticks! You do seem to eat a lot of food!
Sylvia: (snores)
Wander: Okay, fine. (walks away)

(Cut to the kitchen of Wander's home. Wander's mom looks like Wander, except with long blonde hair and red lips. Wander's dad looks like Wander except with blonde hair and a mustache.)'
Wander's mom: Is Sylvia up yet?
Wander: Well, no, she won't wake up...I don't know wh-
Wander's dad: Well, good, 'cause we need to talk in private.
Wander: What is it?
Wander's mom: Sweetie, Lord Hater has been attempting to attack you for years now! We can't let you just stay!
Wander: What do you mean? I thought he was a gentlemen in my opinion.
Wander's dad: Who you are, a friendly little alien critter, is preventing you from seeing that Lord Hater is evil. Why haven't you known that yet?
Wander: Alright, so, what is the real deal?
Wander's mom: Because of all this...we have to move to a new galaxy.
Wander's dad: And the car only fits we are unsure how to travel Sylvia...
Wander's mom: Meaning you are probably going to have to give her up.
Wander: What??
(Title card appears with "The End" appearing next to Wander and the screen being tinted red.)
Wander: No...I can't give up my best pal Sylvia!
Wander's mom It's your only choice, Wander!

(Cut to Lord Hater's ship, right outside Wander's house)
Lord Hater: Wander...he's leaving? (tears begin to drop)
Peepers: Sir, you can't seriously be sad about Wander leaving? He was a threat to your pla-
Lord Hater: COMMANDER PEEPERS! They are tears of JOY! (laughs) With that stupid alien out of the way, I can finally take over the galaxy!
Peepers: But sir, what about the steed?
Lord Hater: Ahahah, I can't wait for-wait, the steed? The steed...the steed...THE STEED!?!? Now I have HER in the way? GAH!!! (punches hole in the wall, it then shows Lord Hater's hand sticking out of the side of his ship. Lord Hater then sticks his head out of the hole) YOU WILL BE DONE WITH, YOU STEED!
Peepers: (sticks his head out) On the bright side sir, now it is two against one, so we might finally-(bloats up without air, crushing Lord Hater's neck and chocking him) Air...air!!

(Wander walks out of the house and up to the hill playing his banjo in the tune to A Lump of Love)
Wander: ♪ ...and the boo-boo just demands a... ♪ Hey, Sylvia! It's been five minutes! Time to wake-(sees Sylvia isn't there) Sylvia? (on the chimney) Sylvia? (at the star) SYLVI- (burns foot in star) Ow...I wish this wasn't made of plasma... (bursts into house) SYLVIA!?!? (sees Sylvia eating breakfast) Oh...good morning Sylvia!
Sylvia: Hey Wander! Anything new?
Wander: Umm...nope? (looks at his parents, they nod to him, and he shakes his head back, and they repeat over and over again until Sylvia interrupts)
Sylvia: What are you guys doing?
Wander: Umm...Syl...I got to tell you that... (looks at his parents, they nod) back, they nod) nod)...umm.........I WROTE A SONG FOR YOU! (grabs banjo, parents facepalm)

Syl, Syl, Syl, mah favorite zbornak,
Umm...I like to wake you up in the mornak...
Syl, Syl, Syl, mah favorite zbornak,
You were my best friend ever since you were bornak...

(Wander's parents facepalm and shake their heads at Wander, who gives a nervous smile)
Sylvia: Aw! Thanks Wander! (hugs Wander) Thank you so much!
Wander: You're...welcome...heh heh...(nervously frowns)

(Cut to Lord Hater's ship, Wander "accidentally" traps Sylvia in. [♪] Wander is about to leave with his parents, and when they look back he is gone, and the "tongue" of Lord Hater's ship falls out and they escape, causing them to facepalm again. Cut to a farm, where Wander leaves Sylvia and walks to the car. His parents look back and see he is gone, but there is a trail of foot prints stepping in mud up to the barn, where Sylvia comes out with some hay, making them facepalm again. Cut to a rock concert)

Wander: Umm...Syl...I only got one ticket...go ahead in!
Sylvia: Thanks Wander! (takes ticket and goes in)
(Wander gets in the car, but his parents look back and he is missing again, because he is enjoying the rock concert)
♪ ...what's life without a punchline? ♪
♪ Oh oh...oh oh... ♪
♪ I need a joke that will "punch" me up... ♪
(Wander's parents facepalm again)

(Cut back to Wander's home)
Wander's dad: Wander, are you ever going to get rid of that zbornak?
Wander's mom: Phil, don't say it like that...
Wander's dad: I'm sorry, it's just that, (cut to Sylvia listening through the window) we told you that you have to get rid of her before we move!
Wander: I don't know how, guys!
Wander's mom: Well, figure it out one way or another. (Sylvia looks at the ground, depressed)
Wander: (walks outside) Oh hey Syl. What's-(looks at Sylvia depressed) You heard us didn't you...
Sylvia: Yes...thanks for trying to leave me...
Wander: No! Sylvia! It's nothing like that!
Sylvia: It's okay, Wander. I get it. You just want to get rid of me. (walks away, leaving a depressed Wander)
Wander: Sylvia...

(cut to commercial break)

Part 2

Wander: (pan out) Sylvia...(shakes head) No! Sylvia! Come back! (walks to Sylvia) Sylvia, when we say we wanna give you up, we don't mean-(gets kicked to the ground by Sylvia)
Sylvia: (yelling) Well what else is it supposed to mean? (grabs Wander's hat and pulls bubbles out of it, then blows herself into a bubble and runs away, dropping the bubbles)
Wander: Sylvia! Wait! (sees bubbles on ground, takes them and it cuts to him chasing Sylvia across the galaxy. show montage of the planets they cross over while he chases her) Man, this is getting boring. How about some music?
Sylvia: (stops) Uh...sure! (keeps going)
(Wander can be seen still chasing Sylvia with the bubble, but now with the banjo)
(Song: The Chase)'
♪ The chase, the chase... ♪
♪ Oh, oh, the chase! ♪
♪ All over the galaxy we go! ♪
♪ We could end up anywhere! ♪
♪ Doesn't matter here, ♪
♪ Doesn't matter there! ♪

♪ Go to the temple, go to the fair, ♪
♪ Doesn't matter here, doesn't matter there! ♪
♪ Go to the mountain, go to the ship, ♪
♪ Go from the bottom, to the top of the ti- ♪

(Wander crashes into Lord Hater's ship)
Wander: Ow...HATER! You gotta help me!
Lord Hater: ...really?
Wander: I can't believe I'm asking you this, gotta help me get rid of Sylvia. It's a long story, but considering how strong and tough she is, just...I don't know, make something that'll weaken her!
Lord Hater: You've gone to the bad side?
Wander: No! As I said, it's a long story. (Lord Hater walks away) And sorry about the millions of times I stopped you from taking over the galaxy without noticing! Same long story!

(cut to a moon, one of the craters is a hole and inside it is Sylvia, sitting there crying)
Sylvia: Wander...(takes out picture of Wander and her together)...why would you do this to me? You were my best bu-(lasers begin shooting through the moon, she looks out one of the holes made by the laser) LORD HATER? Oh great. And inside the ship, is that...(sees Wander) WANDER? (Wander winks at Sylvia, then acts evil to Lord Hater) Ohhhh...
(cut to inside Hater's ship)
Lord Hater: I finished the machine for you that'll weaken Sylvia!
Wander: Great! Does it have a reverse switch too?
Lord Hater: Yes! Just like you asked! And a self destruct button!
Wander: (suspiciously) Perfect...
Sylvia: No, Wander, don't do this to me! (winks to Wander)
Wander: I do anything I want! ("accidentally" makes the machine on reverse and shoots it at Sylvia, and it makes her stronger) (in a dull voice) Oh no! It must of been on reverse!
Lord Hater: WANDER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? You have made it even-(ship breaks completely when Sylvia punches it)
Sylvia: Not so fast, Lord Hater! (creates bubble around Wander and her, and Lord Hater takes his own bubble and floats away. Sylvia takes the machine and changes herself back to normal) Oh, Wander, thanks for-wait...uh...what just happened?
Wander: I'm so happ-wait...why would I ask Lord Hater to get rid of you, if I already di-
Sylvia: And then there's that. What am I doing? Feeling sympathy for you "saving me" from nothing? Grop, it would be nice to leave you again!
Wander: (sigh) It would at least be best if you were there when I left...

(cut to Wander's house. Wander gets into his car and Sylvia looks over with a sad frown on her face. The car drives away and Sylvia begins to walk away, only for Wander to throw a bottle of orble bubbles at her. Sylvia looks in and sees there isn't too much left.)
Wander: (as the car drives away) Use it wisely!
(cut to a garage. It opens and reveals a bunch of replicas of Lord Hater's ship, and one comes out)
Lord Hater: (driving the ship) HA! And Wander and Sylvia think destroying my ship ruins it all...(begins evil laughter, only for Sylvia to crash into the ship with bubble weapons)
Sylvia: You will do what I say...(bubble weapons hum)
(screen goes black, a blast is heard)

Part 3

(cut to Wander's new house in the Milky Way)
Wander: (sighs, looks at a picture of him and Sylvia) Why did we ever split up...(hears ship coming)
(Lord Hater's ship, driven by Sylvia, comes by to his house)
Sylvia: I made it, buddy.
(the "tongue" of the ship falls out and Sylvia goes up and hugs Wander)
Wander: Oh, Sylvia...I'm so happy to see you!
Lord Hater: (laughs) You really thought I would just let you go like this? Today is the day you die...
Wander's family and Sylvia: (screams)
Wander: Wait a second...Syl, do you got any bubbles left? (Sylvia reveals a small amount of orble juice left) Hopefully that should do...(takes bubble blower and blows bubble with all his air, hoping for it to cover Hater's ship)
Lord Hater: HAHAHA! It's time...
(ship begins speeding towards them, about to crush them, only for Wander to hop up and push the ship back with all his strength, but he pushes the orble bubble and it flies backwards towards the other galaxy, as he, Peepers, and all the other watchdogs scream. The ship crashes straight into the garage full of the other ship replicas, thus breaking all of them and leaving them with no other way to travel)
Peepers: I told you this was a bad idea...(throws watchdog helmet into space, and so does all the other watchdogs)

(cut back to Wander's new house)
Wander: Oh Sylvia...I can't believe we can finally stay together forever and ev-
Sylvia: And then here comes the bad news...
Wander: Huh?
Sylvia: I just noticed that...if Yonder stays alone without us...who's gonna keep Lord Hater from taking over the galaxy?
Wander: (beat; frowns) So this is it, huh...I guess this is farewell. (hugs Sylvia; takes banjo out and begins playing tune on it)
♪ Oh, wander...over Yonder! ♪
♪ And check out this and that! ♪
Sylvia: ♪ Oh, if you wander...over Yonder! ♪
♪ Best be sure to wear your hat! ♪
Wander: ♪ All the things that you will see! ♪
Sylvia: ♪ And you certainly will be free! ♪
Wander: ♪ If you wander- ♪
Sylvia: ♪ -over Yonder- ♪
Wander and Sylvia: ♪ -just you and me! ♪
(scene cuts to a view of the galaxy, panning along the planets with Wander and Sylvia)
Wander: ♪ If the darkness comes a-creepin'...♪
♪ And you're feelin' down... ♪
♪ Just wander over Yonder... ♪
♪ And turn your life around! ♪
Sylvia: ♪ Oh, wander...over Yonder! ♪
♪ Be sure to lend a hand! ♪
♪ All your helpful...friendly good deeds,,, ♪
♪ ...will spread across the land! ♪
(bubble splits in half, Sylvia begins to walk away)
Wander: ♪ Are you sure with...Lord Hater... ♪
♪ You won't need me to lend a hand? ♪
Sylvia: ♪ All your helpful friendly good deeds will spread across the land! ♪
(Sylvia begins walking out of the galaxy)
Sylvia: ♪ Doodly doo doo doo doo...Woo! ♪ (on the "woo" she flashes out of the galaxy and the noise makes an echo)
Wander: Goodbye Sylvia...(smiles and waves) Goodbye! (echoes)
(we cut to a view of all the planets, and we hear the beginning part of the theme song [when zooming into the galaxy] as it zooms out of the galaxy, then cuts to black)

Credits Animatic

Lord Hater and the watchdogs (without their helmets) are seen fixing the ship for the credits until the last five seconds where it pans up into space and says "To be continued...from" and below "from" it reads Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust's signatures.

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