I posted four episode ideas over on Donyark's blog a long while ago. I'll paste them here for reference:

The Zoo - Wander goes to planet Woodsland and finds animals to keep in his house as pets. At first it's okay, but Wander continues to bring wild animals as pets.

The Joke - Wander mistakes Lord Hater's attempts to capture him as April Fools tricks.

The Carol - Lord Hater is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future after what he's done in hatred of Christmas. Meanwhile, Wander pulls Sylvia into a group of Christmas carolers.

The Army - The Watchdogs strike against Lord Hater after his recent actions and he is forced to find another army. But when he can't find another army, he seeks one person to do it all for him...Sylvia...(note: he makes a ray to turn her evil, if you're confused)

Also, I said I was going to make portions of the scripts, so here they are!

The Zoo

We have a view of a tree-filled planet (Woodsland).
Wander: (loud) OH MY GOSH IT'S SO CUTE!
We zoom in to see Wander with sparkly eyes, and we zoom out to reveal a pink mix of a butterfly and a cat. We zoom out more to find a pink big butterfly and a pink cat.
Wander: Howdy, friends! My name's Wanderdale. Wanna come visit my place?
The animals cheer. We then wipe to Wander's home planet and we see Wander feeding them.
Wander: All right, here you go, Nitzy, he feeds the butterfly-cat mix, here you go, Glorn, he feeds the big butterfly, and here ya go, Shnitzel, he feeds the cat. We freeze-frame to have the title card show up (the ZOO). Oh, and how could I forget about you, Biscuit? He thinks he is feeding the dog but it bumps into Sylvia's snout. Wander taps a few times and opens his eyes to see Sylvia. Oh, hey Syl! Have you seen Biscuit? Ya know, blue, big eyes?
Sylvia: Oh, yeah, I sorta left him a frisbee...back at his home planet!
Wander: Shocked - Sylvia! Why would you...
Sylvia: Wander, these are not your animals! Imagine how angry the planet's owner would be if he found out you, We zoom in to Wander with a black background, slowly zooming in, the friendliest face in outer space, were //STEALING ANIMALS//?
Wander: We cut back to normal. Oh, Sylvia, I didn't notice that! But what if he thought it was all an illusion and he didn't have any animals?
Sylvia: Uh, what do you mean?

We flip the screen to reveal a bunch of random galactic animals.
'Sylvia: Annoyed. Oh.

The Joke

We have a view of Lord Hater's ship and we zoom in to see Wander's face. We then see bars drop in front of it, and he starts laughing.
'Wander: Laughing. Oh my, Lord Hater...hiccup...You me there...hiccup! He squeezes through the bars and starts shaking Hater's hand. Oh, nothing like an ol' April Fools joke! We freeze-frame to have the title card show up the jOkE" Anyways, thanks for the joke, Hater! Happy April Fools Day!


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