"Wander's Guide to the Galaxy" is a series of Wander shorts I made up that would air after Season 1, in which Wander reviews planets from the previous season, interviews the people of the planet, and talks about the planets' history.


  • PILOT - "Wander's Guide to the Galaxy": In the pilot episode, Wander takes up the entire slot explaining to the viewers what the heck this show is and what he will do in it!
  1. Bingleborp - Wander talks a bit about the history of Bingleborp, and their annual Bingleberry Fesitival!
  2. Lord Hater's Ship - Lord Hater tricks Wander into his ship, but at a bad time! Wander interviews Lord Hater, Commander Peepers, and even brings a secret special guest on the show!
  3. Congenial Rock - Welcome to Congenial Rock, formerly Doomstone, and Wander talks to Badlands Dan (now just "Dan") and the citizens of the sweet, sweet town!
  4. Baaaa-halla - Meet the troll and his bad deeds to this goat kingdom and their great, delicious food!
  5. Snarlack's Deli - Wander reviews Snarlack's Deli's delicious food, what's good and what's not!
  6. Phunulon - Wander speaks with the founder of Phunulon and has lots...and lots...of FUN!
  7. Galactic Conjunction 6000! - Wander decides to talk about RACING this time - full-on action-packed galactic racing, and the history of the GALACTIC CONJUNCTION 6000!
  8. Ziziks - Welcome to the ultimate vacation planet: Planet Ziziks! There's a beach, a beautiful sunset, and two...HUMONGOUS palm trees!
  9. Planet Janet - Meet Janet the talking planet and Maruice, her moon and...special one! Pretty much the planet is the only one for Wander to interview!
  10. Flendar - Flendar's defenses protect them from any invasion! Meet eh king and queen, and their great army!
  11. The Void - the void. It's empty. There's no one there to interview, so how about you just imagine one up? Wander imagines up the perfect home to review, interview, and study!
  12. Hater's Guide to Kidnapping, Part I - Find out more about Lord Hater and how he kidnaps people, and how he's going to get Wander!
  13. Hater's Guide to Kidnapping, Part II - Find out how Sylvia and Wander escape from Lord Hater's evil, evil wrath!


(Open up on dusty planet. Wander pops up on the screen)
Wander: Tired of those old, dirty planets?
(Wander pops off screen and suddenly the planet is painted to look quite creative)
Wander: Not anymore! With me, you'll know what great, perfect planets to go to for your perfect wandering vacations! On (as he says this, the logo's letters pop up in order on the side of the screen to show the name of the show) Wander's Guide to the Galaxy, I, Wander, review the perfect planets, interview the people of the planets, and talk to you about the wonderful history of them!

Welcome to Wander's Guide to the Galaxy! (after saying this, Wander pops off screen again and the logo moves to the middle and "Created by Craig McCracken" shows up under it.)

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