Wander and Sylvia took me home in a rush that night. We were in a hotel outside the town. The hotel was rated 31/2 stars and was 2 stories tall. We had a small room with two beds. I was willing to sleep on the couch for those two. “Hey, Delilah, I’m sorry, but Hater is bad news. He could really hurt you.” Sylvia explains. I sigh sadly and walk into our room.

As soon as Sylvia and Wander are asleep, I look out at the clock. It’s only seven thirty! I look out the window. Seeing lights from the town, I grabbed my bag.  I was about to find out what Lord Hater was really like.

I, again, staying the alleyways and on the rooftops of the city. Night was my ally and I wasn’t gonna take the chance of being spotted again. Climbing a tall building, I looked for the skeleton. I had to meet him! I just had to! So, I sat on the edge of the building, my short hair blowing in the chilled night air.

The time changed from eight to ten fast and I was getting bored. I decided to give up and go home. As I stood up, I lost my footing on the roof. I felt the terror throughout my body as I began to slip. With one swift motion, I fell. Realizing this was most likely the end, I regretted leaving and betraying Wander and Sylvia. They only wanted what was best and I only wanted what I wanted. I should have listened. Before I hit the ground I felt two hands catch me and suddenly, I realized I was going to be okay.

Being put down and trying to regain my balance, the mystery figure held onto my hands, trying to help me. “Thank you, so much!” I say gratefully. I finally get a glimpse of the figure’s face. His green eyes, red hood and white face were what I remembered. It was the skeleton-man I’d seen earlier, Lord Hater. Fear flows through my body fast and my legs feel numb and unable to move.

“You…..?” I trailed, afraid. Lord Hater’s face was a mix of confusion and realization. “Didn’t I see you earlier?” He asked. I nod, speechless. I think about running, but I’m paralyzed with fear of him. I remember everything Sylvia had said about him. His breath wasn’t bad at all! And, his face wasn’t ugly, it was actually kind of……….handsome.

Finally, after a few seconds that felt like forever, I build up the strength to speak. “Are…...Are you gonna hurt me?” I ask, still kind of scared. Hater gives me a look of disbelief. “I just saved you. You really think I’d hurt you?” He asks. I giggle, nervously. “Thank you again. My brother, Wander, seems to like you. So, I really had no reason to hate you. I actually think you’re cool.” I say, smiling at him.

As I told him about being Wander’s sister, he glares at me, but that glare turned to a smirk when I told him how I thought he was cool. I explained that I have always wanted to meet him. “Well, don’t you seem nice…..Sorry I didn’t catch your name.” Hater said. “Delilah.” I tell him. He smiles.

I checked my watch. “Oh, no! Sylvia is gonna kill me!” I exclaim. I was about to leave when Hater grabs my arm. “Listen, I know I’m evil, but I think you and I could get along well. Wanna hang out sometime?” He asks. I turn around and looked at him. I brushed a few strands of hair out of my face. “Tomorrow? At noon, maybe? I mean, if we don’t leave.” I say, shyly. Hater nods. “Goodbye, Lord Hater. You’re the nicest villain I’ve ever met.” I tell him, again shyly. “See ya later, Delilah. You’re nothing like Wander.” He lies. I know I’m a lot like my brother. But, I smile at him none the less. I grab my bag and leave.

Chapter Four:  

I tried to make my way to the hotel along the path. My heart raced as I thought of what just happened. I’d finally met Lord Hater. At the very thought of him, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I knew it wasn’t a crush, though. After a few minutes of walking, the hotel was close. But, that’s when I saw Sylvia at the door. “Where have you been?! You scared us!” Sylvia asks. I feel the rush of worry fill my body. If she found out about me and Hater, I was dead. “I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk.” I lied. I hoped she wouldn’t be able to tell I was lying. Sylvia sighed. “Come on. Let’s go inside.” She says leading me inside.

As we entered the room, I saw Wander, fast asleep on one of the beds. His orange fur was sticking out and his hat was to his side. He was snoring, but he was adorable never the less. I sat on the couch and was about ready to sleep.

The next morning, I was happy and rested……...But, that’s when Sylvia told me the most horrible news. “We’re leaving today.” She tells me. I suddenly feel the worst feeling ever. Heartbreak. “We…….We are?” I ask. I felt like the world was suddenly falling. “Yeah? Is something wrong?” Sylvia asks. I shake my head. But, something was really wrong. I wouldn’t get to see Hater! “I wanna stay. I want to explore the planet.” I tell her. Sylvia gives me an uncertain look. “Hater has control of the entire planet! That’s not an option!” She says. “Fine! Leave me here! I’ll stay alone!” I yell. Sylvia glares at me. I grab my bag and walk towards the door.  “Do you want Hater to hurt you?!” She asks. I open the door and look back at her. “I’ll take my chances.” I say, slamming the door as I walk out.

Sylvia just didn’t understand. Nobody did. How could she understand how I felt about Hater? How could she tell me how to feel about him? If she didn’t want me near Hater, that was her problem! Because, I know for a fact, he’s nice. It was close to noon. The sun was high in the sky and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. Lucky for me, I put on sunscreen. I looked in my bag for my phone, tempted to call Wander to tell him what had happened. But, I decided it would just break his heart.

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