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Delilah: Hi there! I’m doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was nominated by Wander. I’m gonna get ya, you little dork! (Giggles) Okay, let’s do this!

(Lord Hater, Peepers and a bunch of watchdogs run in and sump HUGE buckets of water on her as she screams and laughs. They laugh with her.)

Delilah: (standing by the group of friends, giggling and soaked) I nominate…..Hater, Peepers and Donatello. You have 24 hours, guys!

Lord Hater; Really? Did you REALLY just nominate me?

(Video Ends)

Hater: Hey, guys! I got nominated by this little punk. (Points to Delilah, who is holding a huge bucket and smiling) and Sylvia. I’m doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. I nominate…...Perry the Platypus, Dipper and Mabel and Grumpy. You got 24 hours. Let’s do this!

(Delilah and all the watchdogs dump water on him and he screams. Delilah laughs)

Lord Hater: WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS!!?!?!?!?!?!!? IT’S FREEZING!!!!!

(Delilah laughs hard, along with everyone around her)

(Next Vid)

Peepers: Hello! I got nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge by Delilah so, that’s why she and Hater are soaked. They JUST did it. I nominate Soos, Hildy and Grimm Gloom and……Dr. Doofenshmirts. Let’s go!

(Delilah and Hater pour water on him and he screams, laughs and shivers. They all laughs)

(Next Vid)

Wander: Hello! I got nominated for this WONDERFUL challenge by Sylvia over here. I nominate Delilah, my sister, Doc form the 7D and Phineas.  Alright, pour it on me!

(Gets drenched in water)

Wander: AHHH! Om MY that’s cold! (giggles) Anyway, DONATE! (Smiles)

(Next Vid)

Sylvia: Hello! I am doing the ice bucket challenge and… goes nothing!

(Wander pours water on her)

Sylvia: AHHHHHHH! Flrab, that’s cold!! Ah! (Sigh) Okay, I nominate Wander, Delilah and Lord Hater! You got 24 hours!

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