Why is Sir Brad Starlight listed under "Protagonists" on the wiki's navigation bar? The word "Protagonist" roughly means "the main character (specifically a good guy)". Just because Brad considers himself to be a "good guy" doesn't mean he is one. And he isn't a main character either (though, neither are any of the other characters listed under "Protagonists"... so really, none of them fit under that catagory. You have to be a main character to be a protagonist. Wander and Sylvia are the only two characters in the show that fall under the catagory properly).

Actually, if we're really using the word properly, then Wander would be the sole protagonist, and Sylvia would actually be the deuteragonist... My point is that instead of using the term "Protagonist" for that section on the navigation bar, we should instead use the term "good guy". ...And Brad still shouldn't be on the list. Aurablase (talk) 22:11, February 18, 2015 (UTC)