• BeetleTiger

    I'm RoboPackers, I meant to write In RoboPackers. But I forgot I was in BeetleTiger aka TigerBeetle (This takes place during Tiger Beetle Mating Season, while all the Tiger Beetles are trying to ask Tiger Lily out)

    (Mating Season is like Valotines)

    Wander: You Ok Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily: Just annoyed! Mating season

    Wander: Mating Season?

    Tiger lily: Its when All the Tiger Beetles try to ask the girls out, they make me fall in love with them. Its Like Valenontines  for Animals. You Hate and wish the Day to be gone, because its so annoying.

    Wander:  Oh We Had Valeontines on Earth Me and Slyvia went their

    Tiger Lily: You on earth

    Tiger Lily *gets up and walks out the door*

    Tiger Beetle 1: *Clicking noise with his Manibibles (manidibles are the Pinscers …

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