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  • Cookiefoxgirl13

    (The episode began as Wander and Sylvia are being chased by watchdogs and Lord Hater)

    Lord Hater:*growls*Come back here*then he starts to shoot lasers at the two heroes*

    Wander:Catch us as you can Hatie!

    Lord Hater:*growls*DON'T CALL ME THAT!

    Sylvia:Now lets find a way to leave Lord Hater and his watchdogs in this planet

    (Few minutes later a portal starts to come out of space and Wander and Sylvia saw the portal)

    Wander:Sylvia, whats that?!

    Sylvia:I have no idea, but it maybe our chance to get out of here

    Wander:I wonder it's going to lead us to candyland, an alternate dimension of space, a island, or a kingdom!

    Sylvia:*sighs*It might be best to listen what he says for once and it might be possible if he's right

    Lord Hater:They're here let's get the…

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  • Cookiefoxgirl13

    (Cookiefoxgirl13:Sorry guys it's been a while like school has started and I've been real BUSY!

    Wander:It's okay but she's watching the shorts though!

    Lord Hater:Can we move on already!

    Sylvia:Cookiefoxgirl13 doesn't own any thing except Galactica!)

    Cookiefoxgirl13:WELCOME BACK EVERYBODAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    (The audience claps very loudly)


    Lord Hater:*growls*Can we move on already I still need to prove to everybody that I'm awesomer than you people

    Lord Dominator:HA! You still gone soft on Wander

    Lord Hater:WHY YOU LITTLE!

    Sylvia:Boys! STOP IT!

    Lord Hater and Dominator:Yes mam

    (a piano falls on Peepers)

    Commander Peepers:WHY?!



    TheCrystalPony639:Hater and Peepers, I dare you two to jump into a volcano, then into ice cold water, an…

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  • Cookiefoxgirl13

    (This episode begin's in the morning and Wander was the first to get up and decides to wake up his sister and Sylvia)

    Wander(Sylvia):Wakey wakey, you two!

    Galactica:Whats the big deal today?

    Sylvia:Moonstone is trying to find a cure for us to switch back!

    Galactica:Oh, I think she's making us brekfeast!

    Wander:Yep I think so too! Let's go guys!

    (As they went down stairs they didn't see Moonstone in the kitchen)

    Galactica:*finds a note and grabs it*Look a note and let me read it! Dear friends, I'm out looking for the right ingredients to make a potion to switch you guys back since i'm out at home and I'll return safety and I'll get you guys back to normal. P.S-Don't let your friend Sylvia eat my jellyfish pies. From yours truely, Moonstone.*looks …

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  • Cookiefoxgirl13


    (The audience claps wildy)

    Cookiefoxgirl13:Are you excited about the new season of Wander over Yonder and the shorts!!!!


    Galactica:I can't wait for some awesome dares though!

    Wander:Me too

    • a piano falls on Peepers*

    Commander Peepers:WHY?!

    Lord Hater:Can I go home though? I don't want to be here with Lord Sissy and Wander!

    Lord Dominator:WHAT DO YOU JUST CALL ME?!

    Lord Hater:LORD SISSY!

    Lord Dominator:Do you want a piece of me?!

    Cookiefoxgirl13:You two stop acting immature and childish!

    Lord Hater:*scoffs*Me childish! I'm so ready for the DARES!

    Galactica:*gasps*He said the MAGIC WORD!

    Cookiefoxgirl13:So if you think these dares are soft I'll challenge you.*grabs a megaphone*HEY TO THOSE…

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  • Cookiefoxgirl13

    As this episode continmues, as Wander and Sylvia is continuing to find someone for hours who can help them to switch back.

    Sylvia(Wander):We'll never going to find someone to help us on this planet.

    Wander(Sylvia):Don't worry Sylv, I know we're stuck in this situation and Galactica is at her friends house for a birthday party. And we'll find a way to get back to normal just believe in yourself!

    Sylvia(Wander):Fine, I'll try to believe in myself. And how do you get used to being in this body? You make things so easy for you! How do you do it?!

    Wander(Sylvia):Maybe from my family generations

    (As Wander and Sylvia kept wandering around the planet and they find a house nearby)

    Wander(Sylvia):Hey, look a house I bet they need help and-


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