(Episode began as Wander pacing back and forth and Sylvia lookng at Wander while she is eating jellyfish pie)

Wander:Where is she? She promised to meet us here!

Sylvia:Don't worry Wander she'll be here in a while

Wander:Sorry, I'm just so excited about telling her my greatest adventures in so many planets that we have visited!

Galactica:Wander, I'm here!

(The episodes title shows up)

Wander:Galactica*runs to her and hugs her tightly*I miss you little sister!

Galactica:I'm glad to see you to big brother, but I can't breathe!

  • Wander stops hugging Galactica*

Wander:*chuckles*Sorry, I just really miss you so much I really can't wait to tell you what adventures we had gone!

Galactica:Hi Sylvia, it's great to meet you

Sylvia:It's great to see you too!

Wander:Hey we're about to visit a planet do you want to come?


Sylvia:Hop on you two

(Wander and Galactica gets on Sylvia's back and Wander blows a bubble to trap the three of them inside of the bubble)

Galactica:Wow, that's impossible how can it not pop

Wander:Ssh, it's a secret

(Galactica saw a skull who is coming towards them)

Galactica:Who's that skull head who's about to attack us?

Sylvia:*groans*It's Lord Hater, the guy who thinks he rules the galaxy and he's the bad guy

Galactica:*gasps*That's not nice, the galaxy belongs to everybody

Wander:Yep, he should really get a hobby though

Galactica:Don't you have something in your hat that'll help us some how?

Wander:Yep I do have something in my hat*takes hat off of head and starts digging through hat and pulls out bazooka*wow a lucky pick

Galactica:*grabs bazooka and launches it at Hater's Skull*

At Haters Skull


Lord Hater:WHAT THE-

(Hater's base explodes)

Sylvia:You go girlfriend!

Galactica:And guess what you two i'm going to stick with you guys forever

Wander:Thats great sis!

Sylvia:Heres the planet

(As they land on the planet the bubble pops)

Sylvia:We should rest here for tonight*yawns and goes to sleep*

Galactica:I don't have something to sleep with

Wander:You can share with me


(Wander and Galactica get in Wander's hat)

Wander:Nighty night sis!

Galactica:Night bro

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