(This episode begin's in the morning and Wander was the first to get up and decides to wake up his sister and Sylvia)

Wander(Sylvia):Wakey wakey, you two!

Galactica:Whats the big deal today?

Sylvia:Moonstone is trying to find a cure for us to switch back!

Galactica:Oh, I think she's making us brekfeast!

Wander:Yep I think so too! Let's go guys!

(As they went down stairs they didn't see Moonstone in the kitchen)

Galactica:*finds a note and grabs it*Look a note and let me read it! Dear friends, I'm out looking for the right ingredients to make a potion to switch you guys back since i'm out at home and I'll return safety and I'll get you guys back to normal. P.S-Don't let your friend Sylvia eat my jellyfish pies. From yours truely, Moonstone.*looks at Sylvia who's about to get a jellyfish pie*Sylvia, what did she say!

Sylvia(Wander):*put's the jellyfish pie back**chuckles*Sorry

Wander(Sylvia):Well lets find something to eat with a song!

Sylvia(Wander):No thank you!

Galactica:Look it's waffles!

Wander(Sylvia)It's Wednesday

Sylvia(Wander):Do you know this means?


(After they finish their waffles they decided to watch tv)

Galactica:*laughs*That Sleepy sure does like to sleep all day!

Sylvia(Wander):I liked that Bashful, Sneezy,and Grumpy characters they're funny!

Wander(Sylvia):Dopey and Happy are funny and cute!

Galactica:The Glooms seriously needs to find a hobby and a threapy too!

(After a couple of hours later of watching tv they decide to look for something else they could do)

Wander(Sylvia):What abouit Monopoly?


Galactica:What about we make crafts to past the time?

Wander(Sylvia):That's not a bad idea sis, let's do it and I bet Mrs. Moonstone have some art supplies here some where!

(As the camera shows of Wander, Sylvia, and Galactica of making crafts like plushes, maccroni art, and all kinds of stuff)

(Few hours later they were finished and they cleaned up the mess they made)

Galactica:Wow, I didn't know this could be very fun in the first place!

Sylvia(Wander):Well at least we past the time right?


Wander(Sylvia):Can we explore the planet guys?

Sylvia(Wander):*sighs*Fine, we can explore the planet and-

(Wander runs out of the house and laughs like a mad man)

Galactica:Is he always like this?

Sylvia(Wander):Yep let's go.

To be contiued

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