(The audience claps wildy)

Cookiefoxgirl13:Are you excited about the new season of Wander over Yonder and the shorts!!!!


Galactica:I can't wait for some awesome dares though!

Wander:Me too

  • a piano falls on Peepers*

Commander Peepers:WHY?!

Lord Hater:Can I go home though? I don't want to be here with Lord Sissy and Wander!


Lord Hater:LORD SISSY!

Lord Dominator:Do you want a piece of me?!

Cookiefoxgirl13:You two stop acting immature and childish!

Lord Hater:*scoffs*Me childish! I'm so ready for the DARES!

Galactica:*gasps*He said the MAGIC WORD!

Cookiefoxgirl13:So if you think these dares are soft I'll challenge you.*grabs a megaphone*HEY TO THOSE ARE READING THIS MAKE SURE YOU GIVE LORD HATER AND COMMANDER PEEPERS HERE SOME CHALLENGING DARES THAT THEY DO!

Sylvia:I'm starting to like this episode!

Commander Peepers:WHAT?! I HAVE TO DO IT TOO!

Lord Hater:Yep! NEXT!


TheCrystalPony639:M'kay, I dare Hater and Peepers to sing Magnet while wearing dresses and kiss near the end of the song. If not, they get smashed by a giant piano. >:D

Lord Hater and Commander Peepers:WHAT?!

Everybody:*bursts out laughing*

Galactica:Yeah Hater, don't do it you guys get smashed by a giant piano*evil laughs*

Sylvia:Yeah don't be chicken!

Lord Hater:*grabs the lyrics*It. Is. On.

Cookiefoxgirl13:You two can hug instead of kissing!*makes Lord Hater and Peepers wear dresses*

Commander Peepers:*gulps*

Wander:Now sing!

Lord Hater:In the deepest part of me, a tiny flame was lighted

And before I knew it, my whole heart became ignited Wand’ring as a butterfly, I aimlessly took flight, and Found myself falling apart alighted in your palm

Peepers:Let go of my hands entwined around your own And instead I’ll press my lips against yours Even if they say that what we have is wrong When you’re with me, I burn up all the more

Lord Hater:I want you to hold me tight And reassure me every night Make me believe that no matter what they say, we’re in love, baby Kiss me in the dark Like we could never come apart Intoxicated by you, I am consumed, wanna drown in this fantasy

Peepers:Need you to restrain me, I need you to need me more and more If you love me, show me, and know me further than you’ve gone before Call it “weird”, but this love is something that I simply can’t ignore Let’s just run until we find somewhere to run to

Hater:If it seems I’ve let my heart lead me astray It’s because I’ve melted my life with hers So much pressure weighs upon our shoulders that we can’t be soft-touchers or whisperers

Peepers:This isn’t just another dream For sure, this is the real thing This is reality, you and I, together and face-to-face With the knowledge that From this point on we can’t go back But that’s okay, because I’d give up the world just to be with you, precious one

Lord Hater:Dawn breaks colder than I’ve ever seen before I’m driven to tears by anxiety Then you whispered to me “It’ll be okay” But I could hear your voice was wavering

Peepers:I want you to hold me tight And reassure me every night Make me believe that no matter what they say, we’re in love, baby Kiss me in the dark Like we could never come apart Intoxicated by you, I am consumed, wanna drown in you

Lord Hater:Looking in your eyes I’m absolutely magnetized If they took me away, God, I swear that I’d be pulled back to you This I know is true And on my life I promise you I’ll be okay, because I’d give up the world just to see you, my precious one

(Commander Peepers and Lord Hater hug)

Lord Hater:It is so much better than kissing!

(a giant piano falls on Hater and Peepers)

Galactica:Sorry my bad!


TheCrystalPony639:For Wander, Sylvia and Galactica, I dare them to dress up in tutus and dance like ballerinas. :3

Cookiefoxgirl13:*makes different color tutus apper on Wander, Sylvia, and Galactica*

Wander*dances like a ballerina*

Galactcia:Wait for me*dances like a ballerina too*

Sylvia:*facepalms*I can't believe I'm doing this!

Cookiefoxgirl13:*slides over to Sylvia*If you do this I'll give you a ticket to go to the Jellyfish pie carnival!

Sylvia:In second thought, LETS DO THIS*dances like a ballerina and starts doing some splits and twirling her ribbon*

  • The audience appludes Sylvia's dance performance*

Wander:That was great Sylv!

Galactcia:How do you do it!

Sylvia:Practice my friends practice!


TheCrystalPony639:For Lord Dominator, I dare her to dress up like a clown and throw pie at everyone. And then she has to jump through a flaming hoop. Oh, also...

*she throws frying pan at Peepers, then pokes him with a stick*

Galactica:Nice shot girl!

Cookiefoxgirl13:*makes a clown outfit apper on Lord Dominator but with out the suit*

Lord Dominator:Ooh! I'm a clown and I get to throw pies too! Give me those pies! Becuase I'm so ready to do this!

*a lot of pies apper and Lord Dominator starts to throw pies at Everybody*

Lord Dominator:And I have a motorcycle to jump through the flaming hoop*gets on motorcycle and jums through the flamming hoop*

Everybody:*jaws drops*

Lord Dominator:Cool isn't this?


Woybff:I dare Wander to hug me. And Peepers to hug Wander.

Wander:Okay*hugs Woybff* I like it when people asks me for hugs!

Commander Peepers:Aww but why?

Sylvia:If you don't give him some love I'll punch you all the way to china!

Commander Peepers:*hugs Wander*


Lord Hater:Yuck!

Sylvia:Do you want to have Peepers punishment?

Lord Hater:No no no no! Please

Wander:*starts to hug Peepers very tightly*

Commander Peepers:C-Can't breathe!

Due to Wander hugging Peepers to tight, we have to cut this short. Have a Cupcakerific day! :3


AAAAA11111BBBBB:Next Dare. I dare everyone to play in same server and let's see how frustrated they are


Galactica:C'mon how hard can it be?

Few hours later of playing

Lord Hater:Why is this difficult for me!

Commander Peepers:Yeah, how does people do it?!

Galactica:Why did this game did this too me!


Sylvia:If I lose again I'll destroy that game!



WolfWarrior123:.I dare Hater and Commander Peepers to play Spookys House of Teror

Lord Hater and Peepers:*tries to getway but Cookiefoxgirl13 had them in leashes*

Cookiefoxgirl13:You guys are going to do this like it or not!

(As they arrived to the dark room Cookiefoxgirl sets up the game and puts the two in hand cuffs)

Cookiefoxgirl13:Bye bye!*as she left she locked the door*

Few minutes later

Cookiefoxgirl13:*unlocks the door and Hater and Peepers ran out of the room*

Hater and Peepers:IT'S COMING FOR US!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Cookiefoxgirl13:What a bunch of wimps!


Cookiefoxgirl13:Before we go I just to be clear that theres no yaoi or yuri in this show if you do I'll ignore your comment!

Galactica:Yeah and make sure you give Hater the CHALLENGING DARES!

Wander:Yeah to make him extra HAPPY!


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