(The episode began as Wander and Sylvia are being chased by watchdogs and Lord Hater)

Lord Hater:*growls*Come back here*then he starts to shoot lasers at the two heroes*

Wander:Catch us as you can Hatie!

Lord Hater:*growls*DON'T CALL ME THAT!

Sylvia:Now lets find a way to leave Lord Hater and his watchdogs in this planet

(Few minutes later a portal starts to come out of space and Wander and Sylvia saw the portal)

Wander:Sylvia, whats that?!

Sylvia:I have no idea, but it maybe our chance to get out of here

Wander:I wonder it's going to lead us to candyland, an alternate dimension of space, a island, or a kingdom!

Sylvia:*sighs*It might be best to listen what he says for once and it might be possible if he's right

Lord Hater:They're here let's get them

Commander Peepers:*slowly shook his head*Why do I even bother working for him anyways?

(Then Lord Hater and the watchdogs is catching up to Wander and Sylvia, but the portal keeps getting big and stronger it starts to suck everything)

Lord Hater:Retreat!

(Lord Hater and the watchdogs quickly runs to Hater's ship and took off)

Wander:Sylvia the portal is sucking us in!

Sylvia:Hold on tight buddy! We're about to go in!

(As the portal sucked Wander and Sylvia, it flashes the whole universe and disappers after it sucked Wander and Sylvia)

In Echo Creek

There was two teenagers who was battling monsters, their names were Star Butterfly who was a magical princess from Mewni and Marco Diaz a friend of Star.

Star:You'll never going to get my wand Ludo!

Ludo:What are you buffoons doing grab the wand!

(The minions obeyed and continued to attack Star, but they couldn't do it since Stars wand is too powerful for them)

Star:The wand is mine people, no one touches but me!

Marco:Yep, so deal with it!*sticks his tongue at Ludo*

Ludo:*growls*Okay,*then he grabs his dimension sissors and cuts a portal*everyone lets go!

(Ludo's minions walks slowly to the portal and after all of them go in Ludo went, then the portal closes)

Marco:Why does Ludo wants your wand so much Star?

Star:I don't know he might want to use it for stupid reasons and for him just to show off!

Marco:Yeah, just imagine what it's like when Ludo does that.

(Then a portal came out of the sky, after that Wander and Sylvia falls from the portal and crashes to the ground)

Star:*gasps*Are you guys okay and-*looks at Wander*OMG YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!*runs to Wander and hugs him*

Wander:I love this girl!

Star:*gasps*You can talk! WOW THIS IS SO CUTE!

Wander:Folks calls me Wander and whats your name miss lady!

Star:*puts Wander down and makes a rainbow out of her wand*I'm Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension*then fire came out of the rainbow and animals ran away*

Wander*stares at her*That. is. AMAZING!

Marco:The names Marco

Sylvia:Sylvia, the one with your friend right now that's Wander and where are we exactly?

Marco:Your at Echo Creek

Sylvia:So we're at Earth right?

Marco:Yep, and why are you guys from outer space or something

Wander:Yep, me and Sylv will be always be exploring planets, helping people, and mostly stoping bad guys! And it's amazing once you explore all different kinds of planets!

Star:THAT'S SO COOL!*as she jumped up and down*

Wander:*he bounces up and down*I KNOW!

Marco:*stares at Wander and Star*Great now theres two of them

Sylvia:Yep, our worst nightmare

Wander:Can you show us around!

Star:Sure, follow me!

Marco:Let me led the way, when it's you leading the way you'll be always getting us lost!

Star:Okay, let the safety kid led the way!

Sylvia:*snickers*Saftey kid

Marco:Star, I thought we disscussed this don't call me Safety kid


Marco*facepalms*Lets just get this over with already

(As Marco showed Wander and Sylvia around town, he saw his crush Jackie skateboarding to him and his friends)

Jackie:Hey Marco are those two strange looking creatures are yours?

Marco:*blushes*No-I mean yes-I meant to say NO!*starts to blush madly as the same color as his hoodie*Is it getting hot out here today!

Wander:We're just friends of his, miss.

Jackie:Okay, if you say so bye Marco and Star!*as she continued to skateboard*

(After Jackie left Marco turned to see smug faces on Star, Wander, and Sylvia)


Wander:Somebody's in LOVE!

Marco:What are you guys talking about I don't like Jackie-I mean love her!

Sylvia:C'mon kid you were blushing madly when you first saw her

Star:Yeah, Marco

Marco:*blushes madly again*Can we please continue the tour please!*as he walked ahead*

Wander:Okay, lover boy!

(After the tour was over, the four of them went to Marcos house)

Wander:That was wicked!

Star:Yeah, it's a great planet once you get used to it!

Marco:My parents is out on a trip, since it's just us lets do something fun!

Sylvia:Okay, what about a sleepover?

Marco:I don't think that's a-

Star:Great idea Sylvia!

Wander:Yeah, so lets watch a movie

(Marco turned on the TV and finds a great movie for them to watch)

Marco:Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Transformers

Star:I'll grab the popcorn!

(Few minutes later, Star was back with the popcorn and the movie was about to start)

Star:I'm back with popcron!


Marco:*looks at Wander with a questioned look on his face*Okay, everybody on the couch and I have blankets for everyone!

(As everybody got on the couch the movie has started already)

Star:I can't wait for this!

Wander:Me too!

(When the movie is over Star and Wander was asleep)

Sylvia:I guess they have a exciting day that they already fall sleep

Marco:Yep, I agree with you

Sylvia:Good night,Marco

Marco:Night, Sylv.

To be continued

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