(Maddie flies down from a tree and lands on the ground)

Maddie: (sings) Almost all my life

I had to compete with Shine

Maybe to win Wander's love

No one knows

Not even me

Too much drama

Way too much drama

To even think about my life anymore

(Music plays. Maddie keeps walking, goes through the bushes, and sees Wander and Shine)

Shine: (talks) We'll always be best friends, right?

Wander: You bet, Shine. Nothing will ever separate us.

(Wander and Shine hug)

Maddie: (sings and walks away from them. She sings louder than before) If she wants him

She can have him

They say sticks and stones

Break your bones

But the words they say

Pull me to the ground

Yeah, YEAH!!!

(A tear falls from Maddie's eye)

I'll always be here for him.

(Starlight comes through the bushes and sings calmly. This is how Maddie and Starlight met)

Dear friend, dear friend

There is no reason to weep

Friendship is more important than love

Your true frinds will always be here for you

Maddie: (sings) It's true, it's true

I see the light

Starlight: (sings) Step away from the dark!

Maddie: (sings) My true friends will always be here

Maddie and Starlight: (sing) It seems as though we are

Friends from different worlds

We see things differently

Maddie: (sings) I want to see what you see, dear friend

(Maddie and Starlight smile at each other)

Starlight: My name is Starlight, what's your name?

Maddie: (smiles) I'm Maddie.

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