We were both young

(there is a twinkle in Wander's eye)

When I first saw you

(There is a twinkle in Maddie's eye)

I close my eyes

(Maddie closes her eyes in slow motion)

And the flashback starts

I'm standing there

(Maddie is standing on the branch of a tree. The wind is blowing through her hair.)

On the balcony in summer air

(It cuts to Maddie at a party.)

See the lights

See the party

The ball gowns

(Maddie sees Luka with Comet, Shine with Scorpio, and Lily with Dash.)

See you make your way

Through the crowd

(Wander walks up to Maddie in a black suit)

You say hello.

Little did I know

That you were Romeo

You were throwing pebbles

(Wander throws a rock across the pond, and looks at his reflection.)

And my daddy said

"Stay away from Juliet!"

(King Thomas was talking ot Wander saying that he and Maddie can't be together. Wander looks down with sadness.)

And I was crying on the staircase

(Maddie fell on her knees and cried)

Begging you

"Please don't go!"

(Wander, who was holding Maddie's hand, let it go.)

And I said

"Romeo take me

Somewhere we can be alone

I'll be waiting

All there's left to do

Is run

(Wander and Maddie are running away from her parent's castle.)

You'll be the prince

And I'll be the princess

(Wander is a prince, and Maddie is in a princess gown.)

It's a love story

Wander, just say yes.

(Wander takes off his hat, and he and Maddie kiss behind it.)

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