Wander: (takes Aurora's hand and sings) Spinning here in circles

Aurora: (sings) Hold me oh so tight

Wander: There's no place I'd rather be

Aurora: Than in your arms tonight

Wander and Aurora: Let's leave the past behind

And dance beneath the stars

(Wander and Aurora look up at the stars in the sky. There was a full moon out)

Then we'll laugh at why took

So long to come this far

All I ever want to be

Is by your side

Wander: (talking) Hey, Aurora...there's something I want to tell you, something I've been holding back a really long time...

Aurora: (covers Wander's mouth with her hand) Shh, Wander. Thank you for the dance, you made tonight really special. (kisses Wander on the cheek and continues to hug him)

Wander: (silently takes in what just happened. Maybe the first kiss he shared with Aurora really was real. Wander smiled a huge smile)

Wander and Aurora: (sing softly) Right by your side...

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