(Maddie was called back to her parent's castle)

Thomas: Princess Maddie, we called you back to the castle once again to discuss an important topic.

Maddie: Yes, sir, anything.

Juliana: You see, you are forming strong friendships, and, because of that, you must use the power of your friendship to stop Lord Hater.

Maddie: St..stop Lord Hater?

Thomas: Yes, Maddie.

Maddie: that possible?

Juliana: Good always overpowers evil, whether we realize it or not. (smiles)

Maddie: Oh, ok...

(Maddie's sister, Princess Lily, comes out)

Maddie: Princess Lily! (hugs her sister)

Lily: Like our parents said, you must use the power in your friendship to stop Lord Hater, and to bring good and happiness back to each and every planet.

Maddie: Yes, Lily.

Juliana: Oh, and Maddie...

Maddie: Yes, Mother?

Juliana: Your wings and fangs may come in handy for this mission.

Maddie: (flaps her wings. Her fangs are visible) I...I don't know if i can do this.

Lily: Of coarse you can! (hugs Maddie)

Thomas: Now, go find your friends. Your mission begins at Yonder mountain.

Maddie: Yes, your majesty. (bows and walks out of the scene)

(To be continued...)

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