(Maddie gathered the Wandering Group, which contains Wander, Sylvia, Maddie, Dan, Shine, and Midnight.)

Maddie: Now, you all may wonder why I called the Wandering Group to this meeting.

Dan: Yeah. We are. (smiles)

Maddie: I was intructed by my parents, the king and queen of the galaxy, to use the power in our friendship to stop Lord Hater.

Shine: (green code flashes in her eyes) You think we really could stop Lord Hater?

Maddie; I know we can!

Everyone: (cheers)

Sylvia: will we do it, Maddie?

Maddie: I'm not sure. We'll figure that part out along the way. (smiles) We are to begin this mission at Yonder mountain.

Wander: Well, then, what are we WAITING for? Let's go! (runs towards Yonder mountain)

Sylvia: Hey, buddy! Wait up! (runs after Wander)

Dan: Hey...Sylvia!! Where ya going? (runs behind Sylvia)

Midnight: (laughs and flies ahead. Maddie keeps her wings tucked in, though)

Maddie: (walks with Shine) Hey, you doing with your..robotic surgery?

Shine: It's ok...I just feel...different..that's all. (frowns)

Maddie: need to feel different. (wraps arm around Shine's neck as they continue to walk) You're part robot, I'm part fruit bat. We're both freaks!

(Maddie and Shine smile at each other)

Wander: (from up ahead) Guys! There's Yonder mountain!

Everyone: (joins Wander, and looks at the mountain)

Shine: Wow!

Midnight: It's beautiful!

Maddie: (flaps her wings excitedly) Yeah!

Dan: Let's go, guys!

Everyone: YEAH!!! (walk toward Yonder mountain)

(In half an hour later, they arrive at Yonder mountain)

Shine: What did your parents instruct us to do first, Maddie?

Maddie: Well, first...we must find ways to make our friendships stronger. That means, NO fights.

Everyone: NO FIGHTS!!

Maddie: Exactly. Also, we are already close. But for true friendships, they can't be split apart. That needs to be us. Unable to be separated.

Wander: That's like us already! (grins)

Maddie: Exactly! (smiles)

(For the next few days, the six friends were unable to be separated. They stuck together like superglue. If one of them woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, then another friend was there for them. If one of them got hurt, or was despressed, another friend would do whatever they could to help.)

Maddie: Ok, now. We are unable to be separated! We were unable to be separated before, but now our friendships are stronger.


Shine: (code flashes in her eyes again) Oh, boy! Here we go! (smiles)

Wander: (gives everyone a group hug) Wait! Where's Midnight? MIDNIGHT?!

Midnight: I'm right above you, silly!

Wander: (looks up) Well, HI, MIDNIGHT!!!!

Midnight: (grabs Wander and takes him in for a hug, but sends everyone flying to the floor. Everyone starts laughing)

Maddie: (after she's done laughing) Ok...(giggles) parents told us, that after we've accomplished what we've needed to at Yonder mountain, our next step is to lure Lord Hater to us.

Midnight: How are we gonna do that?

Maddie: (looks mischeiviously at Wander and Sylvia) That's where Wander and Sylvia come in.

(To be continued...)

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