(Everyone arrives at Lord Hater's ship. They sneak inside)

Maddie (turns to Wander and Sylvia) You guys know what to do, right?

Wander and Sylvia: Yep!

Maddie: Good. Everyone else, follow me!

(Everyone departs. Wander and Sylvia find Lord Hater)

Wander: (shouts) Hey, Hater! Looks like you finally caught us!

Sylvia: (shouts) Once again!

Hater: (turns around) Wha..huh? Watchdogs! After them!

Watchdogs: (chant) Hate's Great! Best Villian! Hate's Great! Best Villian! (chase Wander and Sylvia)

Wander and Sylvia: (run)

Maddie: (is flying with Midnight by her side. Shine and Dan are on the ground) Hey, Lord Hater!

Hater: (turns around) WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?!?!

Maddie: To defeat you.

Hater: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That's ridiculous! You would probably see an alien before you defeat me!

(An alien flies past Hater's window)

Maddie: What do ya know...perfect timing!


Maddie: (flies up in Lord Hater's face) Don't you DARE call me Madison! Only a true friend would call me that!

(Wander and Sylvia escape the watchdogs)

Wander: (says to Hater) Which is what we are! (Wander and Sylvia join their friends)

Hater: BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

Maddie: All right, everybody! It's time!

Hater: BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

(Maddie, Wander, Sylvia, Dan, Shine, and Midnight all join hands. Maddie and Midnight flap, sending themselves and everyone else into the air. They are in a circle when they joined hands)

Maddie: (says to her friends) Everyone here has an element of friendship, whether they realize it or not.


Maddie: Elements, unite! (an emotion face on a necklace forms around everyone's neck. Wander's smiley face is a laughing face, Sylvia's is a strong-looking smiley face, Dan's is a brave smiley face, Shine's is a kind smiley face, Midnight's is a caring smiley face, and Maddie's smiley face looks like a leader, and it has a princess crown on it. Everyone's eyes glow, and Hater stops laughing and looks at them. There is a huge orb of light surrounding them, and Hater can't even see them, cuz he's so blinded. Everyone's eyes close, and a swirl of Wander's, Sylvia's, Maddie's, Dan's, Shine's, and Midnight's favorite colors spin in the middle of them. There is a faint symbol of friendship: The two arrows making an X, meaning friendship. The swirl of colors overpower Lord Hater)

Hater: No!! NO!!!!!!! (the swirl of color weighs down on him, and there's an explosion of color. The next thing the six friends know is they're out in space in their Orbal Transporter. Hater, Peepers, the Watchdogs, and the ship are all gone)


Maddie: (is quiet, and holds up her necklace so she could see it. It was true, it was a leader emotion with a princess crown) Wow...I...I can't believe we stopped Lord Hater.

Wander: All because of the power of our friendship! (hugs Maddie)

Everyone: (cheers)

(The camera zooms out. Maddie looks at Wander and her friends as the ending music plays. You see scraps of Hater's ship, and nothing more)

(The End)

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